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January 11, 2019

Toki Italian Inspired, Woolloomooloo

Toki Italian Inspired, Woolloomooloo, Sydney Eats

I think I might have found my new favourite Italian place. I don’t really play favourites, but we were so impressed with Toki Italian Inspired that we came back for a second visit shortly after (shortly after) even if it meant an hours drive.

Toki Italian Inspired, Woolloomooloo, Sydney Eats

It’s named ‘Italian Inspired’ as it’s not run by Italians (some customers can get offended over thees finer details it seems). But regardless, it’s a delicious menu featuring many of your Italian classics, with some Asian influences which really make it standout.

Toki Italian Inspired, Woolloomooloo, Sydney Eats

Salt & Pepper Calamari ($12)

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November 15, 2017

Smoking Gun Bagels | Woolloomooloo

It’s not every day that I venture out towards the CBD these days, but when I do, it’s usually on a Sunday when more than half of the cafes I want to visit are not actually open. Boo.

I am however, fortunate enough to have friends who have excellent food recommendations, which is how I end up all the way in Woolloomooloo for a quick bite at Smoking Gun Bagels.

Mocha ($4)

It’s a tiny store tucked away in the quieter back streets of Woollomooloo- not exactly an easy find, but the promise of delicious homemade bagels and coffee is enough to draw a constant stream of visitors. Afterall- there aren’t all that many places which do bagels in Sydney!

Seating is very limited but bagels are a quick eat so it isn’t a long wait if you’re after a table. The menu is quite simple, with options ranging from the brekkie staple of bacon & eggs, to more exciting flavours like Kimcheese as well as dessert options if something like lemon meringue is more your thing.

You’re Just Too Good to Beetroot ($14)

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