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January 23, 2019

Shanghai 18 Bun, Town Hall

If hidden hole in the wall joints are your kind of thing, then Shanghai 18 is one for you. A small Shanghainese restaruant located in the quite corner of Sussex street, its dim lighting which makes it looks like it’s not even open means it’s easily missed.

So it’s not surprising that it’s fairly quiet when we visit.

Xiao Long Bao ($9.80)

The menu consists of a variety of dumplings, buns, noodles and your typical Chinese stir fries.

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October 26, 2018

Yummy Chinese BBQ, Haymarket

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

Our visit to Yummy Chinese BBQ was a little unintentional. We were infact looking for an all you can eat hotpot joint in Chinatown, but these seem to be very scarce these days so when we saw the sign at the door for all you can eat skewers and hotpot, that was about the closest we could find!

It’s a nice setup, and much tidier and cleaner than most other Chinese skewer/AYCE places we’ve visited in Sydney, and there’s a vast spread of pre-skewered meats, veggies and sides on display. We’re sold instantly!

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

The idea is that you get a large charcoal bbq in the middle of your table where the meats rotate themself to cook- minimal effort involved! You also get a small hotpot on the side for the best of both worlds!

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

We start with the sides where there is a large selection of chilled veggie dishes.

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

Then we move onto the meats where there is everything from your typical chicken, beef, lamb to offal.

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

We find somethings work well on the rotating bbq, other things not so much. Like the sausages which were so soft they fell off the skewer, or the unbalanced chicken which would not rotate. All part of the fun I guess!

Yummy Chinese BBQ, All you can eat, hotpot, skewers

You’re also given a net where you can grill unskewered items like enoki mushrooms, corn and garlic bread.

The hotpot selection comes with your typical options of veggies, fish balls, mushrooms etc. Beef and lamb slices are ordered and brought out from the kitchen.

There’s also soft serve for dessert and on the day we visit there’s vanilla and matcha on offer.

Yummy Chinese BBQ 串串香海鲜烧烤自助 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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August 27, 2018

Hulu at King Street Wharf

It sounds like a bit of an odd thing to say, but I’ve been waiting for Hulu to open up for a while. Two years actually.

Whilst most people probably know of Hulu at King Street Wharf for its social media presence since it opened a few months ago, I’ve been a fan since they first opened as Bistro Hulu on Liverpool Street. So much so that when I worked as a tour guide for food tours in Sydney, I was one of our first stops.

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup ($6.8)

Bistro Hulu still exists in Crow’s Nest, but Hulu at King Street Wharf is their latest venture, a more upscale venue with a beautiful view of the harbour. And of course, I had to visit!

The menu itself is impressively extensive, including a handmade dim sum section that spans four pages. You could literally just order off the dim sum options for a yum cha style meal if you wanted!

And we’re loving the creativity with the unexpected addition of cheese in the crispy prawn dumplings, making for a satisfying cheese pull.

Finding Nemo ($16.80)

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July 21, 2018

Holy Duck! Chippendale

Holy Duck! Chippendale Review

Roast Duck

You’ve gotta love a great restaurant name, and it’s hard to resist a restaurant with a name like Holy Duck! But if the name and the glistening roast ducks hanging out the front of the restaurant weren’t already enough to entice you, how about half price duck?

Bet that got your attention!

It’s not our first time at Holy Duck!, we visited during their launch almost two years ago now. They’re since become quite a popular local spot, with the restaurant being absolutely packed even on a miserable Monday night when we visit. (of course, not so miserable after a delicious feed!)

Holy Duck! Chippendale Review

Handmade Pink Salt & Black Sesame Egg & Spinach Tofu ($19)

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June 27, 2018

Yuan’s Hot Pot, Haymarket

Yuan’s Hot Pot

The Winter weather has well and truly arrived. And as much as I loathe cold wintery mornings, it does mean perfect weather for hot pot!

Seriously, is there anything that screams warmth and comfort quite like a pot of hot soup bubbling away right in front of you? (If there is, I’d love to know!)

We’re loving the abundance of hot pot options that have popped up over the past couple of years. One of the newcomers in this area is Yuan’s Hot Pot. And because hot pot is not complete without good company, we’re here with a group of fellow passionate foodies that is the FCBA for a delicious lunch feed. And we sure left feeling satisfied!
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