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March 22, 2015

Chocolate Brownies

I don’t bake brownies often, since I’m not a huge fan, and on the odd occasion that I do, I’m one of those rare strange people who prefer to make them cakey more than fudgy since that’s the preference of everyone in the family. On this occasion though, I managed to convince myself to attempt the fudgy version after seeing picture after picture of rich, gooey chocolatey brownies all over blogs and pinterest with beautiful cracked tops (they are rather photogenic!). Read more

In Cake, Recipe on
June 12, 2014

Bullseye’s best-ever brownies | Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine

I’m quite big fan of Disney, so when I was contacted to try out the Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine, I was only too eager to say yes!

Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine is a weekly publication, a short magazine packed with various Disney themed sweet treats, featuring just about every Disney film you could think of, and comes with a variety of cake decorating tools with each issue! I was lucky enough to be sent the first three issues of the magazine, which came with these adorable Mickey and Minnie mouse cookie cutters, which until I find time to make cookies, will suffice as bread cutters for my Minnie mouse sandwiches haha 🙂