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September 3, 2018

Churrasco, Coogee

Churrasco Coogee

For the ultimate meat feast, you really can’t go past a Brazilian Barbecue.

I remember the first time I tried Brazilian barbecue and the excitement at the endless varieties of meat that was brought to our table. I’m never good at saying no, especially to good food so I left eating a lot more than I should have stomached. I’ve learnt to tone down a little now, and make good use of the ‘no more food’ sign, but the excitement and fun of Brazilian barbecue is still there, so I was super keen to check our Churrasco in Coogee- one of the top rated Brazilian Barbecue joints in Sydney! Read more

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September 3, 2013

BBQ Chicken Pizza


The first time I made pizza at home, I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. I may have cheated and bought a base, but there was something really magical about a fresh pizza coming straight from your oven. Sure, the toppings might not have been as interesting as those from the pizza store. And the ratio of sauce, toppings and cheese may have been a bit off. But there was just something about it that no store bought pizza could ever compare to.

Through the years, pizzas have turned into one of my go-to lunch ideas when I don’t have anything interesting to make as it’s so quick and easy! I can just through together the dough ingredients in the bread machine in the morning, then roll it out, top it up and chuck it into the oven for a satisfying lunch. Somewhere along the way though, it kinda lost its magic- no longer did I find it amazing, nor did I long for it………and eventually, I stopped bothering making it!


Having spent a couple of weekends microwaving left overs, I turned to pizza making again to make lunch somewhat more interesting, chucking some leftover chicken (and some other random things I found in the fridge) on the top. To spice things up, I decided to change the sauce, making a barbecue sauce for the base rather than the usual tomato. A rather small change in the grand scheme of things, but what a difference it made!

The sauce by itself isn’t anything special (I was having doubts as to how this would turn out as I was putting it in the oven!) but there’s something about the extra depth of flavour that it gives that makes the pizza so incredibly addictive that we couldn’t stop eating until we pretty much devoured everything!

I think the pizza magic has come back!! Let’s see how long it lasts this time eh?


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Not really much for a recipe for pizza, really just a recipe for the sauce plus my usual pizza base recipe if you don’t have one yourself 🙂

recipe from here
1 cup tomato paste (the original recipe calls fo tomato sauce, but I usually prefer using tomato paste instead of sauce for my pizza sauces, this does mean however, that you’ll probably have to increase the sugar convtent for the recipe)
¼ cup dark brown sugar
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 heaping Tbsp brown spicy mustard
3 Tbsp soy sauce
7-8 good shakes of Tabasco sauce

1. Mix everything together!

Pizza Base
1 cup warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
1 tablespoon honey
2 teaspoons active dry yeast
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons olive oil

Whatever you feel like chucking on!!
1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

1.Pour warm water into a small bowl; stir in honey until dissolved. Add the yeast, stirring until dissolved. Let stand until creamy, about 10 minutes.
2.In a large bowl, combine the flour and salt. Add yeast mixture and olive oil; stir well to combine. When the dough has pulled together, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead in more flour until the dough is no longer sticky. Lightly oil a large bowl, place the dough in the bowl and turn to coat with oil. Cover with a damp cloth and let rise in a warm place until doubled in volume, about 1 hour.
3.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
4.Punch down the risen dough on a floured surface. Divide into two equal portions. Allow the dough to relax for a minute, then roll each portion out into a thin circle. Place on lightly oiled pizza pans.
5. Spread the barbecue sauce evenly over pizza dough. Top with your choice of topping ingredients and cheese. I also added a few squiggles of bottled barbecue sauce to make things a bit more interesting.
6.Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes or until cheese is lightly browned.

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November 15, 2011

Let’s Meat BBQ

Uni exams have finally finished for me, meaning that my first year of uni is officially over! It feels so good!! (although my leg, which I hurt whilst running to uni for my psychology exam because my train was half an hour late does feel so good……) I haven’t been baking much lately so I haven’t got much to blog about now, but I’ll be making my way through my enormous list of things to make soon so that should be fun 🙂 I have been eating out a lot though and in particular I’ve been itching to blog about this dining experience.

That’s because this was our second experience with group buy vouchers- and yet again, we chose a restaurant that was long drive from home (1.5 hours this time!). We couldn’t resist though, because the deal was for a Korean BBQ buffet at Let’s Meat for $39- and we love our buffets.

The reviews online are mostly quite negative, and to be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I called up Let’s Meat to make a booking for our family of four. The voucher was valid for any day of the week, so naturally we wanted to make a booking for the weekend, when they had their ‘Ultimate Buffet’ (normally $41) instead of their weekday option of ‘Smart Choice Buffet’ (normally $32). The person on the phone sounded a little annoyed when I kept asking if there were any vacancies for any weekend (turns out that they’re booked out until after December….) but was a little nicer when I finally decided to visit there on a Tuesday night instead.

Pickled Radishes, onion and mashed potato
We arrived to find the restaurant quite empty (though the surrounding restaurants were also very quiet) but service was great, and we were quickly taken to a table- though it was a designated ‘voucher holders’ table. We were given an A4 sheet, stating all the terms and conditions of the voucher including that they charge a service charge for changing the BBQ plate and that there is a limit of 10 dishes per voucher (i.e. 2 people) which I thought were a little unnecessary and off-putting.Before you all think that this place is terrible, I’ll point out that the service throughout the night was excellent. Though there were only two people serving the diners (one of which I’m pretty sure was the owner), they were very friendly and attentive. The owner spent the night walking around from table to table, making sure that everyone was enjoying their meal and chatting about just about anything!


This is what happens when you have a dish limit and have to keep reusing the same dish
The selection of hot foods was quite limited, and it didn’t help that the food did not get refilled much during the night. This might have been because we did come a little late, since voucher holders could only come at two specific times (6 and 7:30pm). The foods they had available weren’t amazing, but good enough to satisfy our hungry stomachs whilst the meats were cooking.The stir fried noodles were quite tasty but unfortunately a little dry. The fried rice was a little less exciting but probably the better option- the rice was nicely fluffy and delicious. They also a couple other hot dishes like fried chicken, but by the time we arrived there were only one or two left.


Spring Rolls
The spring rolls were probably the only thing which came out of the kitchen in the time that we dined there, so we quickly grabbed almost all of it (there wasn’t much to begin with!). They were delicious though- a nice crispy skin with a soft slightly sweet interior of veggies. Shame they didn’t have more!



They had a good selection of cold dishes, including the usual kimchi and pickles (onions and radish). I don’t really eat much kimchi, so I have no comments on that, but I liked their potato dish which was marinated in a similar spicy sauce- it was quite a surprise because we didn’t realise that it was potato at first! My favourite of all the cold dishes was probably their korean/japanese mashed potato which was incredibly soft and smooth- almost like whipped cream!


The highlight of Let’s Meat is definitely much more on the meat (hence the name? lol) than the already cooked foods- and thankfully, the meats did not disappoint! The selection of meats was again, quite limited, but we found that all the choices of meat were ones which we enjoy so it doesn’t bother us. Most notable amongst their meats would be their cubes of wagyu (which we only noticed existed after we had finished eating!) and their marinated pork, with a delicious marinade which brought about a slight hint of sweetness- making it taste a little like char sui but without the stickiness, and less sweet. I also loved the ox-tongue slices, which were a little thin for my liking but I think that’s how ox tongue is usually served for Korean bbq’s.

We were pretty pleased with the meats on offer here, and I’ll go so far as saying that of all the Korean BBQ buffets we’ve had in Sydney (we haven’t really been to that many) if meat was the only criteria, this would definitely rank as one of our favourites.

One thing that we found quite annoying was that the BBQ grill had pretty much only 2 settings- so hot that all the food burnt before being cooked or too cold that the meats took forever to cook, which wouldn’t have bothered us, except that  there was a 1.5 hour time limit! They also stated that if we wanted to change the temperature of the grill, we should ask the staff, so we spent the night asking the waiter to switch between the hot and cold setting…..luckily he was extremely nice and didn’t mind helping us every time!

They didn’t have much of a ‘desserts’ selection, but their website doesn’t mention any desserts in their Smart Choice buffet anyway so we weren’t too dissappointed. Other than some fruits, there were some cute jellies on offer- I don’t usually like jelly anyway but I thought it’d be nice to finish with something sweet.


Ice Cream

They also had ice cream in their freezer, and I loved that they froze the ice cream cups as well as the ice cream 🙂 They only had vanilla flavoured ice-cream with a couple of toppings, but it was a nice way to end the night.

Overall, I thought the experience was pretty good, though I think one of the reasons why it wasn’t as bad as most other reviews was that I was expecting worse. I might not be back again, but that’s more because the food and the price together aren’t quite enough for the 1.5 hour trip, but if they had the deal again, I’d definitely buy it!

Let's Meat Korean Charcoal BBQ & Buffet on Urbanspoon

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August 27, 2010

Meidi BBQ House, Parramatta

Thankyou so much everyone who wished my blog a happy birthday!! And for wishing me good luck in my exams- which was when I realised I didn’t tell you my exams are over!! Actually they finished last Wednesday =) Which is why I’ve spent this week relaxing and doing the things I want to do…….and ignoring any homework I have =D

So, when I finished my exams last Wednesday, I celebrated with a bit of food and fun at Meidi BBQ house, which I’d been itching to try ever since I first set eyes on this sign advertising a self rotating BBQ. We’d walked past this sign a couple of Saturdays ago, after yum cha at Prince Restaurant, and noticed that this new restaurant had opened and although it wasn’t open (it only opens at night), we could see the individual rotating BBQs inside. There was also a list on the front, advertising all the food it had on offer which seemed like a pretty big selection of both cooked and uncooked food, and even better, for the price of $26.80 (for groups of 4 or more)!

Note: Apologies for the bad quality of photos- my camera battery died within the first 5 minutes so most of these photos were taken on my mum’s phone (and this happens to be my first post using pictures taken with a phone….haha)

After checking the sign again to make sure that it was $26.80, we walk into a pretty busy restaurant, considering that it’s a Wednesday night. The seats are weirdly low, making it terribly diffcult to get up (or maybe it’s just because I’m heavy….haha) and we’ve barely had time to sit down before a tub of hot coal is quickly wheeled out and inserted into the barbecue. With a click of a switch, the chain in the barbecue begins to run- our cue to start barbecuing. After all, there is a two hour time limit.

However, we quickly find that one barbecue, which has space for 13 skewers, isn’t quite enough for four people (at least, in two hours)- it’s better for perhaps two or three people.

Chicken Stir Fry

The food is very nothern chinese style, which consists of a lot of chillies and strong flavours. My inability to eat spicy foods means I’m not a huge fan of northern chinese food. Fortunately, the food isn’t too hot- even I could eat almost everything.

Whilst the food is happily cooking itself on the barbecue, we try the selection of cooked food. The selection is quite big, and tasty, which is a good thing because we’d never fill ourselves up at the rate that the food was cooking on the barbecue. The chicken stir fry wasn’t anything special, and was a little too salty for our liking.

Broad Bean Stir Fry

The broad bean stir fry was one of our favourite hot dishes, perhaps because the flavours weren’t too strong, the fact that we like broad beans and that there were barely any greens in the selection of food.

Clockwise from top left: tea eggs, dumplings, corn, fish fillets in hot chilli oil, bread, eggplant with garlic sauce

And because none of these photos look appealing I’ll just shove them all into one =P
The fish fillets in hot chilli oil, a common chinese dish known for it’s hot-ness because of the chillies, was surprising not hot and had no distinctive taste. Not surprisingly, I stopped after a nibble or two and didn’t bother going back for seconds. The bread was ordinary but we found that if we heated it over the barbecue, it tasted pretty good as the edges would become crisp. The eggplant with garlic sauce was again much too salty and the tea eggs were mostly untouched so we didn’t touch them either. Stir Fried Clam with Chilli

Steaming hot food just brought out of the kitchen never fails to capture my attention at buffets and it’s almost a natural instinct to grab it while it’s hot, no matter what it is. In the case of these stir fried clams, which we notice are steaming as they come out, they were indeed hot, but very disappointing. Compared to the other food on offer, they were relatively flavourless and without looking at the name tag in front of it, I wouldn’t have realised about the chilli- there was barely any. I personally thought they were okay, but more because I like clams and they’re quite different to everything else but they definitely lacked in flavour, and were a bit dry too. My parents didn’t like them said they tasted tasted sand, which is something I can never really taste in seafood…..I’m sorta thankful that I can’t =)

Dumplings, chicken wings

Perhaps the dryness and the flavourless-ness of the clams could have been saved if there was some sort of dipping sauce such as soy sauce, as they have in Korean barbecues. But there were no sauces whatsoever, which was one of the things that we didn’t like about the restaurant. Although the flavours in most of the food were really strong, without any sauce, the barbecued food, in particular, seemed dry. Another thing which could have really used a sauce were these dumplings, which we found tasted best after being reheated on the barbecue- making them so hot that they literally burnt your tongue. And they were delicious too, even if half of them had burnt bottoms. We decided to barbecue the chicken wings on the metal bars instead of on the skewers because the chicken wings were so wide, they wouldn’t turn if there were skewers next to them and so ended up taking up 3 skewer spaces! The chicken wings were quite ordinary, but still delicious.

From left to right: radish salad, some sort of jelly, cold chicken

Northern chinese food wouldn’t be quite complete without a selection of cold foods to balance with the hot food. The simple radish salad, of thin strips of radish and an occasional carrot strip or two, complimented the strong flavours of the strong flavours of the barbecued food quite well. The light, tangy dressing with the simple flavours of radish brought relief not only from the spiciness of some of the food, but also from the saltiness of the barbecued food.

Cold Beef

But cold food doesn’t lack in flavour either the cold beef is quite flavoursome and slightly spicy too. The savoury jelly (I don’t know what it’s called in english) is is also a deliciously flavoursome cold dish. It isn’t too salty, which is a relief and being cold, it is again quite a nice accompaniment to the hot, barbecued food. It is quite delicious and we find ourselves eating quite a lot of it, but the jelliness of it, which indicates the amount of fat in there tells us that perhaps, we shouldn’t be eating as much as we do…..

Cold Chicken

The cold chicken does not manage to please us, mostly because the chicken is not quite tender anough for our liking.

From left to right: prawn, chicken heart, prawn, [don’t know], prawn, wagyu beef, rice cake, chicken satay, chicken satay, prawn, fish

Now…back to the barbecue itself- the most fun part of the night.

There was good selection of foods to barbecue, from wagyu beef (which to me, didn’t taste any different to normal beef….so I’m guessing it isn’t the good quality stuff) to mongolian lamb to chicken wings and prawns. Oh, and there were chicken hearts and intestines too 😉 The meat was cut up into small cubes and skewered so that they would cook quickly.

However, we found the marinades to be much too strong, even for us (we usually like things with stronger flavours than most people like) and left us very very thirsty afterwards. Infact, they were so strong that we often could not tell what we were eating- we lost of track of which skewers were the beef and which were the lamb (and what flavours they were supposed to be)

But, it’s not to say I didn’t like the food. Some of the food was really good- for instance, the shitake mushrooms (yeah, they were on a skewer) which only took a couple of minutes to heat up =] And the chicken satay skewers were delicious too- and a good change from the spicy marinades of the beef and lamb skewers. The prawns were delicious, although we accidently overcooked them a few time, making them difficult to unshell. And they were a pain to get off the stick. We’re not ones who usually go for mussels at buffets but these barbecues mussels were big and delicious- we kept going back for more! The rice cakes were interesting- they tasted more like bread than rice cakes and were very very hard…I think we barbecued them for too long (oops!)

I love trying weird animal parts, so it was not much of a surprise that I went for the pig intestines and the chicken heart =] Which was recieved with groans by my mum who feared that they would make me sick- so we barbecued them for ages…..

Which ended up with them tasting overcooked, but they didn’t taste that great anyway. The chives were a highlight of the meal- somehow, they marinated the chives so that they were very very flavoursome……which probably means that they used a lot of msg or something bad for us but they tasted so good, we didn’t really care =D

Red Bean Dessert

To balance the very salty mains, there was dessert! The red bean soup was a little watery, like most red bean soups at restaurants (I like mine thick) and has blobs of both red bean and black rice which gave it a funny texture. Served hot, it wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t exactly my favourite….

Because this one was!

A simple sweet soup with ‘snow ear’ fungus and red dates, it tasted surprisingly refreshing and was actually a great ‘drink’ accompanying the salty and spicy food. Yeah- I didn’t actually eat it as a dessert but drank it instead!

In the cold food section, there were these purple and yellow jellies, but which had ‘cucumber’ written in front of them, causing much confusion. We scooped a few out to try whilst we were waiting for the food to cook in the barbecue and they were simple sweet, milk jellies- I couldn’t pinpoint a specific flavour to them. Nevertheless, they were delicious and I would have eaten more, only they didn’t refill them =[

We finally finished the barbecuing, 10 minutes short of the limit, but already stuffed from all that we ate. Counting the skewers (which seemed to be a common activity everyone did), we reached a grand total of 52 skewers which I personally find dissappointing, considering that equals to about 13 skewers each…..haha
But then again, we did eat a lot of the cooked food because the food took a while to barbecue so I guess it’s understandable…..

Tucked up in the corner, away from all the other food was a mysterious little freezer which had the words ‘ice cream’ roughly scribbled on a paper stuck to it. Curious to see, we opened the freezer, which, was no easy feat (the lid was stuck strongly on!) to find a tub of vanilla ice cream along with about 4 unopened ones underneath it (which is how we found out that it was homebrand ice cream..haha) A nice way to end the meal, we ate a couple of scoops of ice cream.

But plain vanilla ice cream can be boring, so to jazz it up, I came up with an idea to pour the red bean dessert over to make red bean ice cream! haha…..
We had some red bean dessert left over, which hadn’t quite completely cooled down yet, but seeing as it was time to go we poured it over anyway to create a delicious red bean ice cream dessert =] Overall, I thought it was a really fun experience, even if the food wasn’t all that great. I’m not sure if I’d go again, but I think it was worth it, just for the experience!

Meidi BBQ House
Shop 4/100 Church Street
9635 9098
$28.80 pp (Mon-Thurs) or $26.80 pp (4 or more people)
don’t remember the price for other days…..

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March 17, 2010

Eastwood Star BBQ

It seems that I often remember insignificant things which nobody else does. For instance, one of my most vivd memories of high school was the first day of Year 7, when we were all sitting in the hall whilst the parents were all peeking in through the glass door (the teacher wouldn’t let them in). The teachers then made the parents leave and told us to wave goodbye to them- it was like preschool all over again!

I would have thought it to be a memorable experience for everyone, but everytime I bring this up, no one seem to rememeber this……

Another one of my memories was when my mother once took us to a restaurant in Eastwood after school. This was back in my early primary school days, and it a was a rare thing for my mum to take us out after school. I remember the restaurant being slightly dark (or maybe it was because I was looking outside the whole time) and that it wasn’t really nicely decorated but that I was really happy to be able to eat out after school and especially happy that I was allowed to choose a drink, which I happily slurped down. Unfortunately, it closed down a long time ago, and in its place have been several of other restaurants, most of which haven’t been too successful.

Lately, it belongs to Eastwood Star BBQ, and always being up for something new, we decided to give it a try.

Complimentary Soup (Lai Tong)

The restaurant isn’t too busy, which I guess isn’t surprising given the amount of competition around the area. They have a selection of barbecued meats too, which don’t look too bad but the fact that BBQ One is only a few metres away means that they don’t get too many customers buying them.

Dinner is served with complimentary soup which tastes the same as any other complimentary soup you’d get from a chinese restaurant- I can never really tell the difference. I really like this type of soup -it’s sweet, it’s got carrots in it (yum!) and the pork is very very tender.

Satay pot

The satay pot was good- it had plenty of noodles and onions and the meat was nice and tender. Of course, it is never a good idea to eat too much of the noodles- they leave you feeling very bloated when they get down to your stomach and expand. But the flavours were really good- making it really difficult to control youself!

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork is one of my all time favourite chinese dishes. Although I can tell the difference between a good and bad sweet and sour pork dish, it’s hard for a restaurant to produce one which I won’t like. So, needless to say, I was content with this dish. The pork was hot and crunchy and the sauce was good, although not the best I’ve ever had.

Shan Tung Chicken

With nice crispy skin, and a tangy and slightly sweet sauce, the Shan Tung chicken goes quite quickly. Again, it isn’t the best I’ve ever had but being fried chicken, we liked it anyway.

Portugese chicken baked rice


I usually love portugese chicken rice- I love the straight-from-the-oven-hotness and how it’s drenched in yummy portugese (curry like) chicken sauce. This one however, failed to please and we did not even end up finishing it. The sauce itself was mediocre but what ruined this was the amount of cheese they put in. Although portugese chicken rice is usually served with a bit of mozerella cheese over the top, so that when you scoop it out, there are cheese strands, the cheese does not affect the taste too much. This dish had too much cheese and I think they also used the wrong type of cheese as the strong cheese flavour didn’t compliment the rice and portugese sauce too well. Luckily, I actually like cheese, so despite the mismatch of flavours, I found it bearable.
Overall, the food isn’t too bad but definitely not as good as many of the restaurants in the Eastwood area.


Eastwood Star BBQ restaurant195 Rowe St, Eastwood