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October 10, 2018

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Prawns Coated on Sugar Cane ($17)

There’s no shortage of good Vietnamese restaurants in Canley Vale, and though we tend to stick to our favourites, we’d been past Bach Dang so many times we thought we’d give it a try too.

It’s much larger than it may first appear, there’s even a function room tucked away on the side, and the place is bustling with large groups when we visit on a Saturday night. Menu-wise, it is quite similar to next door (Hai Au Lang Nuong), just with a slightly nicer ambience and modern décor.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Papaya, Prawn, Jelly fish salad ($17)

We start with our favourite papaya, prawn and jellyfish salad which comes with thin strips of crunchy fresh papaya in a light, tangy sauce. Prawn chips add a pleasant crunch. It’s delicious on its own but we actually find it a great addition to our rice paper rolls too!

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Prawns Coated on Sugar Cane ($17)

Prawns on sugar cane are always a crowd pleaser, the prawn mince fresh and bouncy, a delightful sweetness imparted from the stick of sugar cane in the middle.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Prawns Coated on Sugar Cane ($17)

There’s three sticks per serve, but once cut up and incorporated in a rice paper roll, it serves plenty.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Seafood Spring Rolls

Make sure you try their seafood spring rolls, which are unlike any other spring roll we’ve tried before. They’re massive deep fried balls packed with seafood, in the form of prawns, calamari and fish, coated in a crispy batter that is slightly sweet and reminiscent of Korean corn chips.

Roast Quails $14
Roasted quails are super crispy, as always a little fiddly to eat but worth it for the tasty tender meat.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Vietnamese Sour Soup (Canh Chua) with whole Fish

The Vietnamese Soup soup with whole fish comes as a hot pot. It does take some time for the soup to heat up and then to cook the fresh fish pieces but its well worth the effort for a tasty sour soup. It’s a little more on the bland side compared to the version we’re used to next door.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Claypot Caramel Fish

For a hit of flavour, go for the caramel fish which is a little on the salty side for our tastes, but is also equally sweet.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Mud Crab with Tamarind Sauce

The mud crab is definitely something different, stir fried in a tangy tamarind sauce.

Bach Dang Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

Stir Fried Snow Pea Sprouts with Linh Zhi Mushrooms ($22)

We’re disappointed when the snow pea sprouts turned up as snow peas, but the Linh Zhi Mushrooms are something different, served in a savoury glaze, almost like a vegetarian abalone.

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October 5, 2018

Darband Persian Restaurant, Auburn

There’s no shortage of delicious eats in Auburn, from the many Asian restaurants to the very popular Jasmin. Lesser known though is Darband, a small, no frills Persian restaurant tucked away in the quieter streets across from the station.

Darband Persian Restaurant, Auburn

Kashk-e-Bademjan ($5)

It starts off quiet when we visit on a weekday night, but the restaurant quickly becomes packed with locals who obviously know where to go for a good feed!

We start off with the Kashk-e-Bademjan, a creamy eggplant dip topped with whey that is served with flatbread, onion and mint. At $5 it’s an absolute steal.

Darband Persian Restaurant, Auburn

Shahi ($15)

The mains mostly consist of Persian kebabs- a plate of rice, grilled tomato and your choice of meat. It’s a very substantial serve so we’re sharing the Shahi today, which comes with a skewer of joojeh (lemon marinated chicken) and koobideh (lamb mince with onion). Both are super tasty and the meat is nice and juicy.

Persian food is fast coming one of my go to favourites, and Darband is one I’ll be visiting more frequently, with great food and extremely reasonable prices!

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September 25, 2018

Three Beans Cafe, Castle Hill

Three Beans Cafe, Castle Towers
Matcha Latte ($4.50, large)
There’s no shortage of brunch options in Castle Towers, with the opening of multiple cafes in the past year. But if you’re after a quieter spot for a quick bite, there’s also Three Beans Café, one of the older cafés in the area.

Three Beans Cafe, Castle Towers
Mocha Frappe ($6.50)
We’re visiting on a weekend, and though its busy, it’s not difficult to grab a table. Service is quick and efficient, and our coffees and meals are served very shortly after ordering at the counter.

Three Beans Cafe, Castle Towers
Smoked Salmon on Rye
There’s a generous serving of smoked salmon and guacomole on the Smoked Salmon on rye, although we’re a little disappointed there’s only one egg! It’s a simple combination, but we felt like it could do with a bit of sauce for flavour and the rye a little more toasting.

Three Beans Cafe, Castle Towers
Corn and Zucchini Fritters ($13.90)
The Corn and zucchini fritters are an impressively low energy (calorie) option, with a serve only being 1010kJ. Part of reason is that the serve size is notably smaller than what you might find elsewhere, but it’s great for a light lunch. The fritters are lightly pan fried, they’re thin and soft and tasty although nothing to rave about.

Three Beans Cafe, Castle Towers

Nourish Bowl ($14.90)
The menu consist mostly of your typical brunch staples (think eggs on toast) but what captures my attention are the selection of veggie packed bowls. And I’m not disappointed by the fresh veggies in my Nourish Bowl. It comes filled with grains, peas, kale, avocado, red cabbage, carrot, onion, coriander and egg with ginger dressing.

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September 25, 2018

Contrabando, CBD

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

How many tacos can you eat in one seating?

The answer is probably more than you think, so if you’re a taco lover like me, you’ll want to check our Contrabando’s all-you-can-eat taco deal.
The rules are simple, you can order two flavours at once, and once you’re finished you can order again and again until you’re full. There’s 7 flavour of tacos on the menu which are about $6-7 each, meaning you only really need to have 4 tacos to make your money’s worth (or they do $3 taco Tuesdays which makes it 8 tacos!).

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

Crispy Fish ($6)

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September 23, 2018

Zambrero, Marsden Park


I became very familiar with fast food when I was in uni. Not because I was eating it a lot though. I spent half a year on a research project on analysing how ‘healthy fast food options were, an extremely interesting project which saw me spend half my time sitting in food courts and reading fast food menus. Much more exciting than most other uni students I’d say!

It’s interesting how the fast food scene has involved over time, and is much more than the burgers and fried food that it once was. One of my favourite fast food options is Mexican, not so much for their cheese and guac loaded nachos and tacos, but because they do offer satisfying veg filled options.

Which is why we’re here at Zambrero for a quick feed today. It’s a casual, Subway style set up, where you choose your meal is personalised right in front of you- Beans? Rice? Guac? Sauce? Completely up to you.

Powerbowl with Beef ($13.90)

Powerbowl with Beef ($13.90)

I’m all for burrito bowls, especially when they’re packed with fresh veggies, and Zambrero’s Powerbowl is right up my alley. Filled with fresh lettuce, salsa, black rice and beans the Powerbowl also comes with extra filling for an extra satisfying feed. The black rice has a nice and chewy texture, and our topping of beef, cooked with a cumin and garlic rub, is nice and saucy.

Chips and Guacamole ($3.90)
For some extra crunch, we get the corn chips and guacomole which are also great for scooping up some of the extra meal from the burrito bowl.

Quesadilla with Pulled Pork ($8.90)

Quesadillas are great value, at $8.90 for two, a filed flatbread folded over and grilled. It’s a messy affair, the juice from the tomato and our pulled pork filling dripping out the sides, but the warm melted cheese helps to hold everything together.

In addition to its delicious food offerings, Zambrero stands out with its Plate 4 Plate initiative, where a meal is donated for each burrito or bowl purchased- and as of right now, they’ve donated over 25 million meals already. How fantastic is that?

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