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November 10, 2018

Don’t Tell Aunty, Surry Hills

Growing up in a heavily Indian populated neighborhood, I’m no stranger to Indian food. And I’m talking tiny little joint, with barely any decor, but ridiculously good food sorta Indian food.
But for the uninitiated or something a little more hipster, I’d recommend Don’t Tell Aunty.

Don't Tell Aunty, Indian Food, Surry Hills

Balls of Happiness ($16)

Balls of Happiness are little fried dough balls, filled with a delectable mixture of yoghurt, tamarind and other tasty additions which I obviously didn’t pay attention to. But it’s a quite moment of happiness as we’re told we have about 10 seconds to eat it. The delicate thin crisp ball doesn’t last long before the moisture from the fillings get to it! But each bite is an explosion of delicious flavours, and we’d have to say that Balls of Happiness is a pretty accurate description!

Don't Tell Aunty, Indian Food, Surry Hills

Unauthentic Butter Chicken ($21)

Of course we had to go for the butter chicken, which might be unauthentic but is oh so tasty! The yogurt-marinated chicken is tender and we’re loving the sauce that’s made of tomato, ginger, garlic & fenugreek.

Don't Tell Aunty, Indian Food, Surry Hills

Chana Masala ($16)

But it’s the Chana Masala where the flavour really packs a punch. The garam masala, pomegranate & mango powder make for a nicely balanced curry, which go well with chickpea.

Don't Tell Aunty, Indian Food, Surry Hills

Naan Basket ($12)

Naan is our choice of vehicle to mop up all the tasty curry sauces, and we’re not at all disappointed by the naan basket, which comes with a variety of plain, garlic & chive as well as sesame & onion seed naan varieties. Soft and fluffy, we’d easily have these on their own.

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