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October 5, 2018

Pearl Milk Tea Soufflé Pancakes

The pearl milk tea dessert craze has hit Asia hard, with crazy pearl studded desserts popping up all over my Instagram feed. I’m talking Pearl milk tea cakes, pancakes, crepes…. just absolutely anything you could think of really!

Japanese Souffle Pancakes with Milk Tea Cream and Homemade Pearls Boba

And with the rising popularity of milk teas (just look at all the newly opened drink joints!) I’m sure it’ll come to Sydney some time. But rather than waiting around for some café to get onto it, I thought I’d whip up a batch of these pancakes myself for brunch.

I’ve always been a massive fan of pearl milk teas, but more for the pearls than for the tea. And I’ve been itching to make some homemade pearls ever since I visited the milk tea museum in Taiwan earlier this year. (Yes, there is actually a museum dedicated to milk tea!) So this was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone!

If you grew up in an Asian household you’ve probably heard the whole ‘pearls are bad for you because they’re made of plastic’ rumour, but they’re actually really just made of sugar and tapioca. Lots of sugar actually, so think of it as a dessert, but fresh pearls have the most amazing texture!

Japanese Souffle Pancakes with Milk Tea Cream and Homemade Pearls Boba

I haven’t shared my recipe for homemade pearls as I’ve yet to perfect it, but you have to try this soufflé pancake recipe.

It’s like making a sponge cake, only with the additional step of cooking it in a frypan rather than in the oven. It’s a little bit of work as you can’t just leave it and come back, but the result is well worth the time. I skipped the step of adding the additional batter to shorten cooking time so mine quite as impressively tall as they could have been, but these pancakes were so soft and fluffy, they were like eating clouds!

Paired with the tea infused cream and pearls, it made for a great flavour combination- I can definitely see why it is such a big thing!

Japanese Souffle Pancakes with Milk Tea Cream and Homemade Pearls Boba

Pearl Milk Tea Soufflé Pancakes Recipe

Pearl Milk Tea Pancakes
Serves 2
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
10 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
10 min
For the Milk Tea Whipped Cream
  1. 100g Thickened cream
  2. 3 bags Ceylon Tea
  3. 10g Caster sugar Fine sugar
For the pancakes
  1. 2 eggs
  2. 45g Cake flour
  3. 30g Sugar
  4. 20g Milk
  5. 20g Yogurt
  6. 10g Vegetable oil
  7. 3g Baking powder
For the milk tea whipped cream
  1. Heat cream in a saucepan until small bubble form around the edges. Add the teabags and steep for about 10 minutes.
  2. Transfer the cream to a container and chill until the cream is very cold.
  3. Whip the chilled cream with sugar until soft peaks form.
For the pancakes
  1. Preheat a non stick frying pan to a low heat.
  2. Separate whites from yolks. Whip whites until frothy; gradually add in the sugar and continue beating until soft peaks form.
  3. Continue mixing at med-high speed (speed 8 on KitchenAid) for 6 minutes or until stiff peaks form
  4. Beat the egg yolks until creamy, then gently mix in remaining ingredients.
  5. Take 1/3 of the meringue (egg white) and fold into the yolk mixture. Combine well to lighten the batter. Gently fold the remaining meringue into the batter until you combined, being careful not to deflate the meringue.
  6. Cook the pancakes in the pan, using a ladle to deposit the batter onto the pan- keep them small. Cover with lid and cook for approx. 2 minutes. Add some additional batter on top, then cover and cook for another 5 minutes. Turn the pancakes and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve with milk tea whipped cream and pearls.
  1. I didn't whip my cream to soft peaks, hence why the cream in the photos is runny
Adapted from XiaChuFang
Adapted from XiaChuFang
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