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June 2014

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June 30, 2014

Chocolate, Almond & Coconut Cereal Bars


With the first semester of my master’s course done and dusted, I’ve been quite lazy over the first couple of days of the holidays, not quite sure where to begin on my list of things to bake (which is quite extensive seeing as it’s accumulated over the past three months!). Although it was a semester of long hours and hard work, it was the first time I actually enjoyed what I was learning and didn’t mind too much waking up early before the sun was up to get to class.

Despite numerous classes learning about nutrition and food science, I can’t say that I know nearly as much about food as I probably should, but one thing that has come out of all those classes is my motivation to try some foods/recipes that are somewhat healthier 🙂 Read more

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June 22, 2014

Graze on King, Newtown

I popped into uni during stuvac (study week) to get some studying done with a friend, and after a morning of much hard work, we rewarded ourselves with a yummy lunch nearby at Newtown. We had wanted to try something a little more exciting than the usual Thai and Newtown, so a quick Groupon search led us to Graze on King. Google maps told us it was a short 15 minute walk from the library. It took us double that.

Oh well, it was a good chance to catch up on a bit of physical activity since I had been getting close to none lately!

Mixed Berry Smoothie

The cafe was empty when we got there, despite it being lunchtime, probably because of its location on the other side of Newtown station- the noticeably quieter part of Newtown. After spending a while deciding on which seat we wanted to take (there were too many to choose from!), we ordered drinks.

Although the coupon we had bought had only stated that soft drinks were included, we were informed that we were able to choose any (non alcoholic) drink from the menu, so I went for for the mixed berry smoothie, which was great, not overly sweet with the perfect amount tangyness and a generous serving too!

Braised Lamb Salad

I had great difficulty choosing what to order as all the options on the menu seemed enticing, and I eventually settled on the lamb salad. The salad consists mostly of raddichio and lamb, with a bit of fennel, pickled raisins, grains and herbs added which worked together quite well. I’m not usually much of a fan of raddichio because of its distinctive bitterness, but perhaps because of the salad dressing, or maybe its combination with lamb (which was deliciously tasty and tender), I quite enjoyed it in this salad! The pickled raisins also add an surprisingly pleasant sweetness to the salad also.

Cottage Pie

We had missed the daily specials when we walked in, as we were too busy trying to find the place, but luckily the waiter let’s us know of the extra options, one of which was cottage pie. Interestingly, the pie came with a side of salad, which was quite similar to the lamb salad, albeit a smaller and simpler version. The cottage pie was extremely cute, with little balls of fluffy potato mash piped on top. I didn’t get a chance to try the pie, but my friend was seemed to enjoy it 🙂

It’s a shame it isn’t any closer to uni- otherwise, I’d probably finding myself back here a lot more often!

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June 12, 2014

Bullseye’s best-ever brownies | Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine

I’m quite big fan of Disney, so when I was contacted to try out the Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine, I was only too eager to say yes!

Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine is a weekly publication, a short magazine packed with various Disney themed sweet treats, featuring just about every Disney film you could think of, and comes with a variety of cake decorating tools with each issue! I was lucky enough to be sent the first three issues of the magazine, which came with these adorable Mickey and Minnie mouse cookie cutters, which until I find time to make cookies, will suffice as bread cutters for my Minnie mouse sandwiches haha 🙂

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June 1, 2014

Menulog and Vondelicious Giveaway

It’s been a bit quiet around here on this blog as of late, no thanks to uni assignments, work and a funny thing called life. For those who have been following my blog for a while, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise- it happens everytime when it reaches this part of the semester 😉 Not enough time to cook the things I want to, much less photograph, edit and blog about them!

Luckily, Menulog has come to the rescue today, giving two lucky readers a chance to win a $15 voucher from Menulog!

I don’t usually order takeaway, because I personally prefer the experience of eating out (and we always make sure our fridge, freezer and pantry are all adequately stocked!), but Menulog is a fantastic option for those who don’t have the time or effort to do so!

For those of you who might not have heard of it before, Menulog is an online take-away and food delivery website features over 3500 restaurants, 11,000 specials and 100,000 reviews. You can browse and order food from local take-away restaurants that deliver to your door- and they have plenty of specials and deals too! 🙂 They have plenty of choices, including anything from Chinese, Pizza, Indian and Thai .

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post on what you would order with a $15 voucher (remember to leave some details so I can contact you if you win!) by the 8th of May, 2014. Winners will be drawn at random. For an extra chance to win, you can also like the Vondelicious Facebook page 🙂

The winners of the giveaway are Amber and Andy– let me know if you haven’t received my email!

Thanks everyone for participating 🙂