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July 28, 2016

Komachi Japanese Restaurant, Surry Hills

Japanese food isn’t really the first thing thing that comes to mind when thinking Surry Hills, it’s exactly what we’re here for on a chilly weeknight.

If you’ve ever been on Cleveland Street, you’ll probably have noticed Komachi Japanese Restaurant- the one with its front windows transformed into a wall of fame, featuring customers who have successfully completed their 1 kilo ramen challenge. There’s 34 on the wall so far, but we’re not quite brave enough to face the challenge- we’re here to try their normal menu thanks to Washoku Lovers.

Edamamae ($5)

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June 22, 2016

Travel | Tokyo 2016 | Sushi and other Japanese Eats

Fukusuke Horikawa

Our dinner at Fukusuke Horikawa was one of our first sushi meals in Tokyo and probably the only unplanned one as we had actually a last minute change of plans for the day and ended up in Ikebukuro. We were looking for a nicer place for a special dinner when we came across the lifts to the Sky restaurants located on the 58th and 59th floor and had a peek to see what was up there.

We were pretty much sold once we stepped foot in the lift, a sky themed ride up from ground floor straight up to the restaurant levels, I was so mesmerised that by the time I took my camera out, the ride was already over!

There’s a handful of restaurants on the 59th floor, each with views but we chose Fukusuke Horikawa as it was one of the few Japanese options available. We made a quick reservation and returned for an early dinner- an excellent decision as it not only meant that we got to choose a nice window seat (with incredible views!) but we also got to watch the sun set and the city turn into a beautiful fluorescent lit environment.

We had expected to pay an arm and leg for the nice views, but we were surprised to find that the menu was very reasonably priced, with sushi sets starting from 1620 yen (~$20AUD) for dinner (less for lunch) and drinks on par with most other restaurants we’d been to in Tokyo. We thought we’d go a little fancy an opted for one of the fancier looking multi course sets (Yuraku set, 5400 yen ~$60AUD) and chirashi sushi to share.
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May 30, 2016

Travel | Japan, Tokyo: Pom Pom Purin Cafe and Midori Sushi

There is no shortage of good food anywhere in Japan, but when it comes to Tokyo- there is definitely way too many restaurants I want to try and not enough stomach space!

Following on from out adventure in Kyoto, we had caught the Shinkansen to Tokyo (and adventure in itself!) where we spent the remaining days of our Japan trip. We had done our fair share of sight seeing and other touristy things in Osaka and Kyoto, so we planned the Tokyo part of the trip around food. And shopping…only because we didn’t have enough stomach space to eat 24/7!

Ikkakuya ramen 壱角家 秋葉原店

We stayed in Akihabara, and although we did arrive late afternoon, our first dinner in Tokyo was a really disappointing sushi train experience so let’s skip straight to the morning!

When we first explored Akihabara at night, there were too many restaurants to choose from- not only were the streets filled with every type of restaurant you could think of, but the bright signs on the buildings indicated many times that number of restaurants in the buildings towering above.

Despite this, we found ourselves in the opposite situation when looking for breakfast in the morning as we struggled to find something that was open that was not KFC. We waited around until 11am for some ramen shops to open and after being shooed out of one despite us walking in some half an hour after their advertised opening times, we ended up at Ikkakuya ramen.

There was an overload of signs at the front, making it clear that they were published in magazines (as is every other ramen shop there ever was) and that they had English menus….so why not?

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November 17, 2014

Sushi Hotaru Sake Bar, Town Hall

I’ve sung my praises about Sushi Hotaru before, one of my favourite sushi trains in the city, so when the lovely Sue invited me to tasting at Sushi Hotaru, I was only too happy to accept the invitation! 🙂

I usually prefer going to the Bathurst St branch over the TGV one because it’s usually quieter and it’s pretty much the same thing- $3 sushi, awesome touchscreen menus and plenty of tasty sushi dishes to choose from!

Monkey Magic

Whilst we usually sit down and dig in straight away, we’re more thirsty than hungry on this occasion, so drinks first! With names like ‘Monkey Magic’, the drinks menu seems a little more like a cocktail menu than your average sushi train drinks menu. We’re not sure where the name comes from but the Monkey Magic is a combination of soda, lychee and kiwi. It’s a great thirst quencher, and though we don’t quite taste the kiwi, we really love the flavour of lychee.
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