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January 21, 2018

Allegra Dining, Waterloo

You won’t find Allegra Dining unless you’re looking for it.

Tucked away in the back corner of a small cute complex on Danks Street it’s hidden from the street but walk a little deeper and you’ll strike gold at Allegra Dining. On most days, you’ll find this Italian restaurant on break during the day but the recent addition of their Sunday brunch menu means that you can now also enjoy coffee, eggs and other delicious food during daylight hours too.

But by brunch, don’t think of your typical busy Surry Hills style kind of brunch with long queues, short stools, small tables and crowded spaces- instead it’s a much more relaxed vibe, a spacious setting with plenty of natural light and if you’re lucky, a view of the (not for swimming) pool that sits in the middle of the complex. It’s an unexpectedly nice enclosed space, tastefully decked out with palm trees and cactus, and if cocktails by the pool are your thing, Allegra can do that too- they even have a breakfast cocktail menu!

Rosa Frappe ($8)

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July 2, 2017

Travel | Adelaide, 2017

I don’t travel interstate often, so I was quite excited when I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Adelaide for a friend’s wedding (which in itself was exciting enough), to also check out the Adelaide food scene which I had heard so much about over the years. And although we really only have one full day to explore the city (i.e. three meals worth) we made sure we made the most of it!


Due to lack of money and leave, we’d packed in a tight schedule, catching the first (6:50am!) flight in the morning and arriving in Adelaide when it was still breakfast time. With stomachs grumbling and eyes struggling to stay open, we were overdue for a coffee and a bite and wasted no time in finding anywhere in particular to eat and headed across the road to the closest cafe Google Maps could find us.

And this was how we ended up in Fairweather, a small cafe hidden in the back graffiti lined alleyways of Adelaide’s CBD. Its location and minimalistic interior has a very Melbourne-esque feel, but its menu is somewhat less hipster and exactly what we’re looking for that morning.

Iced Coffee

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September 7, 2015

Local Mbassy, Ultimo

Cappuccino (Lge $4)

We’d been due for a coffee date at Local Mbassy before I left for Broken Hill more than 9 weeks ago now, but never had the time to go so now that I’m back and not too lazy to go out, we decided to make a trip to try out this cafe!

It’s pretty hard to not have heard of Local Mbassy, with pictures of their famous red velvet pancakes popping up everywhere around the internet these days. And so popular are these pancakes that pretty much every single table has one of them!

Mocha (Lge $4.50)

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July 24, 2015

Travel | Broken Hill: Thom, Dick and Harry’s

In our quest to try all the restaurants and cafes there are in Broken Hill,  we end up at Thom, Dick and Harry’s on the weekend, which we’ve heard good tings about. It’s a cute little shop which is a bit of everything- homewares store, florist, gourmet grocer and cafe.

We’d been in the weekend before, browsing their homewares and did notice their menu seemed quite enticing so we were quite excited to try the little cafe up the back. There’s not much seating- two tables at the back, a larger high table up the front and a couple outside though no one wants to sit outside in the current cold weather!

Mocha (Lge $4.5)

Cold weather calls for warm drinks, so I order a large mocha. Interesting, they tell us to give it a good stir before drinking, which we realise is because the chocolate powder has not been completely dissolved yet. I can’t say I was too fond of this coffee- tastewise it was alright, but the froth was not quite fine enough for my liking.

Scrambled Eggs With Chorizo ($14.90)

The food was definitely the highlight of this cafe- they offer a breakfast menu, a baguette menu and a small display of tarts and quiches. 
We weren’t too hungry as we’d just had breakfast so we chose to share the scrambled eggs with chorizo. It’s a rather small serving, but quality is the key here, not quantity. The scrambled eggs are enjoyably light and fluffy, the chorizo tasty, and the addition of spinach and capsicum add a nice touch of freshness to the dish. The two toasted baguette slices are also enjoyable, being of the softer type and not overly crunchy either. 
Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding ($5.95)

We had considered going for dessert afterwards, but their dessert menu also seemed quite enticing so we ordered the chocolate pudding as well. A warm chocolate pudding is always welcoming during winter, and their version was nice and warm with a delicious rich chocolatey sauce, paired well with a nice creamy vanilla ice cream and some fresh strawberries. We did find the pudding a little floury, but overall we quite liked this dessert!

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July 12, 2015

Travel | Broken Hill: The Silly Goat

The Silly Goat is a curious name for a cafe, but it makes a little more sense when you take a seat a see the book. Not that it tells you much more about why the cafe was named so, but at least it doesn’t sound so random anymore! 😉

I’m in Broken Hill for a 6 week placement for uni, so we thought we’d put the weekend to good use an explore the town. The original plan was to visit the markets, but it got rained out and closed early, so we stopped by The Silly Goat, one of the town’s most popular cafes, for brunch instead.

Hot Chocolate (S$3.8)

Located on Argent street, the main strip of the town, it’s probably the busiest cafe that we walk past. It’s a quirky little cafe on the Saturday we visit- there’s no table service, so attempt to squeeze yourself into the few tables they have, then order and pay at the counter (and not the other way around either!). 
From what we’ve heard, the coffee is pretty good, and the sheer number of coffee books and magazines available for reading indicates that they’re pretty serious about their coffee too. Not being much of a coffee drinker myself, I went for the hot chocolate instead, which is also quite nice- it’s dairy free, though I couldn’t really taste what kind of milk they used instead.


Smashed Avocado on Toast ($13.5)
The menu isn’t overly extensive or fancy- just a few simple classics which are done well. I usually tend to go for something more exciting, but we’d been recommended the smashed avocado on toast, so I had no problem deciding what I wanted.
I quite liked the presentation of the dish, the eggs were poached beautifully, and the touch of pesto on the side was a delicious addition to this classic breakfast dish. 


 Benny & The Eggs (aka Eggs Benedict)

They also have a specials board from which we chose the ‘Benny and The Eggs’ option, which we then realised was an eggs benedict. Their spin on this dish uses crispy kale instead of the usual spinach, as well as pan fried pancetta instead of bacon (though it tasted just like regular bacon!).

It seems quite popular with the locals, with the crowd not dying down even during the later hours- but then again, it closes at 2pm on Saturdays, just like the rest of the shops in town!

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