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January 23, 2019

Kusuka Cafe

Apple Pomegranate House Soda

I don’t get time to brunch during the weekdays so I absolutely love cafes that are open for dinner!

So when I found out Kusuka Café was open for dinner, serving their super pretty bowls, and you could dine for a discounted price through Dimmi, I was super keen to give it a go.

Lychee calamansi House Soda

The dinner menu is a set $38pp menu which comes with a rice bowl and drink each as well as fries and a side to share. Sadly their mi goreng bowls are not part of this menu.

This are off to a good start with their drinks- the lychee calamansi soda is refreshing tasty mix of some of my favourite flavours.


Mo-to is deep fried tofu served with tamarind sauce, it’s a sizable serving and the tofu is nice and crispy.

Three Little

The three little bowl comes with roasted pork belly, fried egg and chili matah on rice.

Mighty Nest

Despite its appearance, the mighty nest is also a rice bowl, consisting of fried chicken atop a nest of fried mi goreng noodles, sprinkled with corn and a fried egg. It’s a great concept, but seems to be missing a little something, a sauce perhaps and the fried chicken not quite as crunchy as we’d hoped

Krispy Rendang

The chicken in the krispy rendang suffers similarly in missing the shattering crunch we like from fried chicken, although the presentation is impressive.  Rendang sauce is served on the side and we find it a little more heavily spiced than we’re used to.

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