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November 23, 2018

Averry Cafe & Bar Sydney, CBD

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, DinnerSydney-siders most likely will have heard of Avery Cafe, with their signature pink lighting and super cutely decked out space, complete with cushions and pink panther plushies. By day it’s a cafe, a trendy brunch spot in the CBD, but by night it transforms into a bar, with a sophisticated cocktail menu and dinner options to pair.

We’re here for dinner, and although the lack of natural lighting means that the it’s more neon pink that we’d imagined, it’s not stopping the many diners from taking selfies with the beautiful backdrop and food!

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner

The Drinks

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner

That’s What Sherry Said ($20)

We’re loving the personal touch of the cocktail menu, with hand drawn pictures of each option.

Tempting cocktail flavours are also paired with cheeky names, like the ‘mum said no but I said yes’. After much indecision we settle on the ‘That’s what Sherry said’. It’s beautifully presented in a a pineapple shaped glass, a delicious concoction of sherry, passionfruit, caramel, apple, aperol and bubbles. Topped with dehydrated grapefruit slices and mint, it makes for an impressive looking drink.

And we’re pleased to report that it tastes just as good as it looks! It’s the perfect balance of alcohol to sweetness, a light tang from the passionfruit and a light hint of vanilla too.

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner


There’s no fruit juices, shakes or any of the cold drinks from the café on the menu but the staff are happy to accommodate our request for a non-alcohol drink. After taking our preferences, we’re served this stunning mocktail, a refreshing, fruity mix, complete with fresh passionfruit seeds throughout.

The Food

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner

Seaweed Fries ($10)

Seaweed fries are a great to snack on with the drinks. Served mixed with Korean seasoned seaweed, the kind that is used to top rice, it’s a great umami flavour though we the chips themselves could be a tad crispier.

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner

Roti Angus Beef Burger ($20)

The Roti Angus Beef Burger is as impressive in appearance as the drinks, stacked high with two fluffy roti breads serving as the bun. And it’s a solid burger too! The angus beef patty is super juicy, there’s also fresh tomato, slaw and lettuce, sandwiched with plenty of sauce.

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner

Squid Ink King Prawn Risotto ($26)

You can smell the Squid Ink King Prawn Risotto even before it arrives. The smokey grilled prawns are incredibly fragrant. It’s a tasty combination, paired with creamy squid ink risotto. Saffron sauce and dried bonito add to the complexity of the flavours.

Averry Cafe & Bar, Sydney Eats, Dinner

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