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October 29, 2018

Vivaldi Kitchen, Matraville

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

Walking into Vivaldi Kitchen feels like walking into a friendly home. And that’s exactly what it’s all about in this family run restaurant- hearty home style meals served with warm smiles. The online reviews for Vivaldi Kitchen are nothing short of amazing, and it’s not hard to see why!

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

Zucchini Flowers with 4 cheeses ($18)

The menu is seasonal, so you’ll find different options every 3 or so months. New on the menu for spring are their zucchini flowers, stuffed with four cheeses and fried in a light crispy batter. It’s fresh and light, but it’s the house made batter that really stands out, a super light, crisp and fluffy batter that is not heavy at all.

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

Cannelloni ($24)

Pasta is also made in house and we’re loving their cannelloni, two plump rolls stuffed with a tasty spinach and ricotta filling, lathered in tomato sauce. The mozzarella on top makes for a super satisfying cheese pull and we have no problems licking the plate clean.

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

Seafood Pizza

The kitchen is so open you can actually watch the pizza being made and its mesmerising to see a ball of dough and a few fresh ingredients quickly come together into a beautiful pizza.

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

There’s plenty of decent pizza in Sydney, but Vivaldi’s sets itself apart with its super light and fluffy pizza base, a result of resting the dough for an extended period of time. I love how there’s no secrets here! There’s a good balance of base with the toppings of mussels, prawns, anchovies and octopus.

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

Pastiera Napoletana Della Mamma ($15)

For something a little different that you probably won’t find in many other restaurants in Sydney, we try the Pastiera Napoletana. It’s a Neapolitan cake made with ricotta, flavoured with orange blossom water for a moist, fragrant taste. Piece of wheat add some chew for some additional texture contrast.

Vivaldi Italian Kitchen, Matraville

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