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October 5, 2018

Darband Persian Restaurant, Auburn

There’s no shortage of delicious eats in Auburn, from the many Asian restaurants to the very popular Jasmin. Lesser known though is Darband, a small, no frills Persian restaurant tucked away in the quieter streets across from the station.

Darband Persian Restaurant, Auburn

Kashk-e-Bademjan ($5)

It starts off quiet when we visit on a weekday night, but the restaurant quickly becomes packed with locals who obviously know where to go for a good feed!

We start off with the Kashk-e-Bademjan, a creamy eggplant dip topped with whey that is served with flatbread, onion and mint. At $5 it’s an absolute steal.

Darband Persian Restaurant, Auburn

Shahi ($15)

The mains mostly consist of Persian kebabs- a plate of rice, grilled tomato and your choice of meat. It’s a very substantial serve so we’re sharing the Shahi today, which comes with a skewer of joojeh (lemon marinated chicken) and koobideh (lamb mince with onion). Both are super tasty and the meat is nice and juicy.

Persian food is fast coming one of my go to favourites, and Darband is one I’ll be visiting more frequently, with great food and extremely reasonable prices!

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