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September 23, 2018

Zambrero, Marsden Park


I became very familiar with fast food when I was in uni. Not because I was eating it a lot though. I spent half a year on a research project on analysing how ‘healthy fast food options were, an extremely interesting project which saw me spend half my time sitting in food courts and reading fast food menus. Much more exciting than most other uni students I’d say!

It’s interesting how the fast food scene has involved over time, and is much more than the burgers and fried food that it once was. One of my favourite fast food options is Mexican, not so much for their cheese and guac loaded nachos and tacos, but because they do offer satisfying veg filled options.

Which is why we’re here at Zambrero for a quick feed today. It’s a casual, Subway style set up, where you choose your meal is personalised right in front of you- Beans? Rice? Guac? Sauce? Completely up to you.

Powerbowl with Beef ($13.90)

Powerbowl with Beef ($13.90)

I’m all for burrito bowls, especially when they’re packed with fresh veggies, and Zambrero’s Powerbowl is right up my alley. Filled with fresh lettuce, salsa, black rice and beans the Powerbowl also comes with extra filling for an extra satisfying feed. The black rice has a nice and chewy texture, and our topping of beef, cooked with a cumin and garlic rub, is nice and saucy.

Chips and Guacamole ($3.90)
For some extra crunch, we get the corn chips and guacomole which are also great for scooping up some of the extra meal from the burrito bowl.

Quesadilla with Pulled Pork ($8.90)

Quesadillas are great value, at $8.90 for two, a filed flatbread folded over and grilled. It’s a messy affair, the juice from the tomato and our pulled pork filling dripping out the sides, but the warm melted cheese helps to hold everything together.

In addition to its delicious food offerings, Zambrero stands out with its Plate 4 Plate initiative, where a meal is donated for each burrito or bowl purchased- and as of right now, they’ve donated over 25 million meals already. How fantastic is that?

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