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September 5, 2018

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating, Maroubra

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating

A name can say a lot about a venue, and DARE Delicious And Responsible Eating, definitely describes it well. It might not be the flashiest of cafes, but it’s one you will easily grow to love, from the homey vibes of the interior to the warm service and nutritious menu options.

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating

I mean, just look at the attention to detail in their glass of water- does your local cafe that has water that looks so pretty it could pass for an expensive cocktail?

Omelette ($15.50)

Omelettes are completely customisable, including egg white only and upsized options. We’re told they’ve even done a supersized 10 egg version for a customer once!

Ours isn’t quite as extreme, but our order of the standard omelette does not disappoint at all. Made with 4 eggs and your choice of 3 fillings of which ours were cheese, spinach and bacon.

Big Brekkie ($19.50)

But if you’re here, you have to try their Big Brekkie. At the price point, it is a steal, a satisfyingly large portion of your brekkie favorites- eggs, sausages, bacon, mushroom, tomato relish and toast.

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating

It’s simple but it’s the commitment to wholesome and healthy food that really shines through in the details, like the choice of grilled sweet potato over of your typical brekkie staple, the hashbrown. We’re impressed there’s also virtually no oil left on the plate from the bacon or sausages, a result of the meat being grilled rather than fried in oil.

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating

There’s no shortage of veggies either, including a hefty serve of grilled mushrooms, tomato relish, a simple green salad with balsamic, and our favourite touch- raw beetroot sticks. It’s beautiful, but it’s not just for the looks either, the subtle sweetness pairing well with the savoury flavours of the meat.

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating

Brownie & Muesli Bar

We also can’t go past the display of homemade sweet treats. Their muesli bars are packed full of goodness, with peanut butter (the homemade type of course!), oats and pepitas just to name a few. There’s no butter in the mix, instead it’s fruit that binds the bar together- a great snack I could do with more often!

DARE Delicious and Responsible Eating

But it’s the brownies that you absolutely have to try before leaving, super rich chocolatey brownies with a satisying crisp, crackly top!

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