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September 25, 2018

Contrabando, CBD

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

How many tacos can you eat in one seating?

The answer is probably more than you think, so if you’re a taco lover like me, you’ll want to check our Contrabando’s all-you-can-eat taco deal.
The rules are simple, you can order two flavours at once, and once you’re finished you can order again and again until you’re full. There’s 7 flavour of tacos on the menu which are about $6-7 each, meaning you only really need to have 4 tacos to make your money’s worth (or they do $3 taco Tuesdays which makes it 8 tacos!).

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

Crispy Fish ($6)

 We make our way methodically through the menu, starting at the top and making our way down. And we’re off to a good start with the Crispy Fish tacos, which come with fish fillets deep fried in a light, crispy tempura style batter, served with Tomatillo, Chipotle Mayo, Pico De Galo, Coriander and a saucy Slaw. It’s all the right flavours, the balance of crisp batter and crunchy slaw. An easy crowd favourite!

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

Spicy Pulled Chicken ($6)

They’re super accommodating too, and took our specific request for some tacos without spice. That said, lemongrass chilli mayo on the spicy pulled chicken wasn’t overly spicy. The combination of guacamole, tomatoes and coriander made for a very fresh tasting taco.

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

Al Pastor ($7)

We weren’t prepared for the spice of the Al Pastor taco though. Let’s just say if you’re not into spice you might want to skip this one. But if spicy food is your thing, this adobo pork taco is packed with flavour, and a hint of sweetness from charred pineapple salsa.

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

12hr Braised Lamb ($6)

We’re liking how the flavour combinations are so different, and the sweetness from the membrillo (quince paste) is a surprisingly nice touch in the braised lamb taco. The lime, coriander and onion salsa also adds a light freshness to tasty lamb.

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

Bulgogi Beef Short Rib ($7)

The fish taco was a close contender, but the favourite of the night went to bulgogi beef short rib tacos. It’s a saucy taco and the sweet smokey flavour of the beef was an absolute winner. The accompaniments of guacamole, jalapeno mayo, eschallot salsa and coleslaw were a perfect match.

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

 Crisp Pumpkin ($6)

There’s also a couple of vegetarian options, which they were also able to make vegan upon request. We’re huge pumpkin fans so we were always going to love the crisp pumpkin taco, but we’re impressed by the crispiness of the pumpkin and the tasty honey & chipotle vinaigrette, guacamole, sumac yoghurt and coleslaw combination.

Contrabando All you can eat Tacos

Hot Plate Mushrooms ($6)

Also super crispy is the crispy quinoa in the Hot Plate Mushroom taco which is a refreshingly different flavour combination, served with a creamy eggplant puree, chimmichurri and onion salsa.

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