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August 30, 2018

Crepe House Café, Earlwood

         Crepe House Cafe Earlwod    

When was the last time you had a good crepe?

I’ll admit, it took a bit of thinking for me to answer this question. It’s been a while since I’ve had a crepe, let alone a good one! So if you’re anything like me, a visit to Crepe House Café is exactly what you need remind you what you’ve been missing out on!

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

You won’t find your usual brunch type dishes at Crepe House Café, but this cosy, quaint café is the perfect mix of good coffee and satisfying food.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Freddo Espresso ($6)

One of the first things you’ll probably notice is the impressive stack of Nescafe tins that line the wall behind the counter. Instant coffee at a café?

Before you turn your nose away, its actually an essential ingredient in Greek Frappes.

And not just the regular tins you buy from the supermarket- this is the Greek version, imported from Greece! You’ll notice the difference to regular coffees straight away, especially in the Freddo Espresso. Essentially a double shot coffee served on ice, it’s a surprisingly creamy and smooth iced coffee.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Freddo Cappuccino ($6)

It’s also hard to resist the beautiful layers on the Freddo cappuccino, which is Freddo Espresso’s photogenic cousin, topped with cold, creamy milk foam. Hats off to the person who came up with this genius invention. It’s a great combination, which we’d imagine would the perfect solution for cappuccino lovers during summer!

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Banana Smoothie ($8) | Apple Lemon Mint Juice ($7)

There’s also plenty of options for those not so caffeine inclined. The banana smoothie is a creamy balance of banana and dairy, whilst the apple, lemon & mint juice carries a refreshingly lemony zing without being too sweet.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Alpha Breakfast Crepe ($17)

As for the food, of course, there’s an entire menu dedicated to crepes.

There’s breakfast, lunch & dinner options (I mean who wouldn’t want crepes all day?), sweet or savoury flavours, and even the option to build your own crepe. It’s a crepe lovers dream come true!

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

The Alpha Breakfast Crepe is our pick, a selection of your traditional café favourites neatly wrapped in soft, warm crepe. Cut open the crepe to find delightful melty cheese amongst layers of egg, mushroom, smokey bacon. The luscious tomato relish is the perfect accompaniment to a bit of zing and sweetness.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Atlas Lunch Crepe ($16)

The lunch crepes are more filling than they first appear, with plenty of protein in the Atlas crepe, filled generously with shredded chicken. It’s tender and juicy, packed with mushroom, baby spinach and shallots, finished with a bright drizzle of their special sauce for a mustardy bite.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Omelette with dodoni feta, kalmata olics, sun dried tomato and oregano ($16)

There’s also a blackboard of seasonally rotating items. This consists mostly of a selection of omelettes and of course, more crepes when we visit. We’re loving the Mediterranean flavours of feta, olives, sundried tomato and oregano on our omelette, which is cooked to a golden brown on the outside.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Antigone Crepe ($14)

And you can’t leave Crepe House Café without trying at least one of their dessert options. It’ll be a difficult decision between having the pancakes, waffles, or crepes, which is why the logical solution would be to bring your friends and order them all!

If we had to choose just one, then the Antigone Crepe would be our pick, a simple Merenda filled crepe patterned with an intricate designed white chocolate praline drizzle. The hazelnut chocolate filling is divine, the perfect balance of rich and nutty without bring cloyingly sweet.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Create your own pancake

Pancakes are served as three classic style pillowy hotcakes, either with flavour combinations from the menu or DIY from the ‘create your own’ menu. Ours is the latter option, topped with whole pecans, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream.

Crepe House Cafe Earlwod

Madagascan vanilla bean gelato with banana, walnuts, cinnamon and maple syrup ($16)

The waffles are also a treat. Fluffy and tall, they’re lighter than you’d expect, but it’s the caramelised banana that really steals the show, a beautiful golden char against the creamy banana, vanilla ice cream and walnut combo. Definitely a winner in my books!

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