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June 19, 2018

Left of Field x N2 – Queen’s Feast, Rhodes

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

For those of us hanging out in the ‘burbs, it’s not often that we get up to anything exciting after work- we don’t get the luxury of walking out of the office on Friday night, straight into the night life like the city dwellers! So when Left of Field announced their ‘Queen’s Feast’, a dinner collab with N2 Gelato, we couldn’t get out hands on those tickets quickly enough!We’re used to Left of Field by day, but with Queen tunes blaring out of speakers, and a dinner set up complete with tablecloths and blankets, it’s a completely different vibe at night!

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

Freddie Mercury Chilly 

There’s heaters and a plastic marquee for the outdoor tables, but not quite enough to stop the cold winter wind from getting to us so the slight heat from the ‘Freddie Mercury Chilli’ to start is much welcome. It’s spiced enough heat to add interest, without being too tongue numbing. We’re not too sure how slow the ‘super slow’ cooked brisket is done, but one thing is for sure- it’s meltingly tender and we’re loving the flavours of the spiced meat, beans, onions, finely shredded cheddar mixed with a generous dollop of fresca crème.

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

Freddie Mercury Chilly 

Cutlery and tongs are provided, but why bother when the tostadas as the perfect utensil to scoop up the chilly?

The tostadas (toasted flat bread) are generously refilled, and we could easily have made our way through countless bowls of these incredibly moreish bites, by we’re conscious of the stomach space we need to leave for the other courses.

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

Farenheit Man Lamb

The Farnehit Man Lamb (in honour of the song: ‘Don’t stop me now/Mr Fahrenheit’) is equally as tender, the Zanzibari/African flavours shining through the bed pearl cous cous that hides underneath the mountain of lamb shoulder. There’s much more meat than meets the eye, luckily we have some empty lunchboxes to take away what out stomachs couldn’t!

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

Fat bottom chicken with Pan potatoes with herbs

The undisputed favourite main easily goes to the ‘Fat Bottom Chicken’, a roasted free range chicken spiced with thyme and garlic. But it’s the “royal” cream sauce made with Moet & Chandon that makes our eyes light up, even as non-champagne drinkers. It’s a beautiful creamy mushroom sauce, with just enough champagne to add a kick without being overpowerful in alcohol flavour.

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's FeastAnother one bites the broccolini
Tossed in tomato & anchovy butter, with toasted almonds
Left of Field’s veggie dishes never fail to impress, which is one of the reasons us dietitians keep coming back, and the side veggies were no exception. There’s plenty of crunch from the fresh broccolini and beans, as well as the scatter of toasted almonds. The ‘We will rock you’ were also a favourite, the sweetness from the honey pairing greatly with the carrots.

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast


The Bohemian (Ratatouille) could easily have been served as a main on its own, their version of this classic French dish, stewed until the veggies are almost melted into a single delectably luscious mass.

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

We know it’s time for dessert when the puff of liquid nitrogen starts steaming out of the kitchen aid mixer. It’s not N2 Gelato without a bit of a show!

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

“We are the champions” hotcake

They have brought their setup all the way to Rhodes, sans the science lab looking conical flasks, and it’s enough to get all the cameras out and everyone out of their seats!

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

It’s a simple vanilla gelato being served tonight, with the two dessert courses, the first being the none other than Left of Field’s famous pancakes! The date hotcake is a richer type than the usual pancakes on their brunch menu (afterall, this is dessert! ) and the combination with spiced apples, pistachio crumble and butterscotch sauce is absolutely perfect for the winter weather.

Left of Field x N2 - Queen's Feast

Stone Cold Crazy Parfait

We find similar spiced apple flavours in the ‘Stone Cold Crazy Parfait’, with warm stewed apples. We’re not so much a fan of the panna cotta, which is a little runny, but we’re loving the texture from the crunch of the pecan crumble.

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  • chocolatesuze

    oh damn that chicken looks so juicy and perfect!

    June 21, 2018 at 1:04 PM Reply
    • Yvonne

      It was actually amazing! Especially with the sauce 😋

      June 22, 2018 at 11:27 AM Reply

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