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June 21, 2018

Bare Grill, La Perouse

$25 is pretty standard for the price of brunch in Sydney.

It will probably get you a big breakfast in most cafés, or an eggs benny and drink, or perhaps a slightly more substantial lunch dish. But if you want to take your $25 further, you’ve got to visit Bare Grill.

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Breakfast Tower

Trust Me. It will get you more food than you could possibly imagine!

It’s Bare Grill’s breakfast tower that I’m referring to, an incredibly photogenic triple stacked platter of everything yummy and breakfast. And will only set you back $25. Equally as impressive in looks as it is in price!

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Bare Grill does have quite a reputation for their burgers, earning them a 4.9 rating on Zomato- one of the only 5 Sydney restaurants to score this top rating! And if that doesn’t say enough, it’s accompanied by plenty of reviews, enough to convince you to check them out.

So instead of echoing all the endless reviews of their delicious burgers, I’m here today to rave about their lesser known, but equally as good, breakfast tower.

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Grilled Chorizo

It’s the kind of breakfast that will leave your neighbouring tables with serious food envy. And that’s one proud moment, when you have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right food choice….. until you start to dig in and really start to appreciate the enormity of the platter.

Never had choosing where to start with your breakfast been so hard!

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Fried Eggs on Toast, Breakfast Burger

Our platter for 4 comes with four of everything, so you can literally have a bit of everything- if you have the stomach space.

And yes, this means you can have your eggs every way- poached, fried, scrambled on toast, along with all your usual breakfast staples- crispy bacon, baked beans etc. The Bare Grill burger does also make an appearance- a generous serving of chorizo, egg, bacon and cheese sandwiched between the familiar Bare Grill branded fluffy burger buns.

I honestly could have left a happy customer at this point. And bear in mind- we’re just on the bottom level!

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Eggs Benedict

It gets fancier as you go up, the second level housing more brekky delights like grilled haloumi, crispy hashbrowns and smoked salmon. There’s also a generous serve of Eggs Benedict (one per person!) with your usual suspects- slightly wilted baby spinach, crispy bacon, poached egg and creamy hollandaise held on a toasted muffin.

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Fresh Fruit Assortment

There’s sweeter options too, starting with a colourful array of fresh fruit if you’re after something slightly lighter.

Bare Grill, La Perouse


We’re so distracted by everything going on around the edge of the paltter that we almost forget about the bircher muesli sitting in the middle. That and it’s hidden underneath a beautiful assortment of (more!) fruit. I’m not usually one to order muesli for brunch, but the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, creamy and crunchy is delightful.

Bare Grill, La Perouse

French Toast

For the sweet tooth, you can’t go past the French Toast, simple slices of egg dipped bread. Served with some thin banana crisps and a sprinkle of icing sugar, it’s simple, which works well to compliment the other components on the platter.

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Fluffy Pancakes with Cream, Ice Cream and Berry Compote

But for the ultimate finish to the meal, you have to have the pancakes. They arrive steaming hot- and I mean that literally, just look at the photo! Which makes it oh-so-inviting, but savoury does usually go before sweet, so we did leave it til last.

The scoop of vanilla ice cream is oozing alongside the berry compote by the time we get to it, but we’re glad we left the stomach space for these incredibly fluffy pancakes. A perfect end to a super satisfying breakfast!

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Breakfast Tower

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