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May 8, 2018

Auvers Cafe, Rhodes

Auvers Cafe Rhodes

We think we’ve got the Rhodes cafe scene pretty well figured out by now. We’ve tried just about everything we’ve wanted to, picked out favourites to rotate through and have spaced out our work lunch dates so that by the time we next revisit a cafe, the menu has most likely changed.

Amongst our favourites is Auvers Café. It’s tucked away, amongst the residential high rise apartments, but manages to draw a sizeable crowd on weekends ready to try out their colourful, beautifully presented dishes.

Auvers Cafe Rhodes

Smashed Avo ($16)

We’re loving the creativity at Auvers, they’ve even managed to sneak in Asian flavours into the classic Smashed Avo in the form of sweet corn miso and furikake (Japanese rice seasoning). It’s an unexpected hit of umami, but if you like Japanese flavours you’ll be a fan!

Auvers Cafe Rhodes

Egg Nests Corn Fritters ($20)

There’s also a bit of fusion going on in Auvers’ Egg Nest Corn Fritters, from the Nori Sour Cream and Onsen Egg that star alongside the fluffy sweetcorn studded fritters. Thin slices of caramelised pineapple, smashed avo and herb & garlic Mushrooms line the corn fritter layers whilst alfalfa and snow pea tendrils create a beautiful looking nest.

Auvers Cafe Rhodes

Beef Shepherd’s Pie ($23)

The Shepherd’s Pie is a little out of place on the summer menu (it’s not on the Autumn one!) but regardless of weather, it’s worth ordering. Even if just for a photo of the photogenic purple cauliflower and mushroom crisp!

The slow cooked beef is meltingly tender in the peppercorn sauce that will have you licking the plate. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’ll be back for winter.

Yuzu Soy Salmon Gateau ($22)

New on the Autumn menu is the Yuzu Soy Salmon Gateau. The name itself is a little cause for confusion (I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly not my idea of a gateau!) but one thing is for sure. It is a stunner.

Even if mine was a little lopsided and held up for about 10 seconds before falling from grace.

Essentially two fried salmon potato cakes presented in an impressive tower, topped with a fresh fig and a scattering of alfalfa and poached grapes, it’s tasty but not quite as exciting as it sounded.

Auvers’ Pancake ($20)

We’re much more impressed by the unmissable matcha glazed triple-stacked Auvers’ Pancake which makes regular Instagram appearances. It’s surprisingly light, the pancakes impressively fluffy and not too sweet. The accompanying yellow sponge and pink raspberry sorbet make it bright and cheerful- just as our mood is after devouring these pancakes!

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