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May 30, 2018

Arthur Street Cafe, Baulkham Hills

You don’t find too many cafés with a simple name like Arthur Street Cafe anymore.

It’s simple and straight to the point. Just like the café itself.

Acai Smoothie Bowl

You won’t find anything gimmicky or particularly whacky on their single paged menu, but it’s simple classic café offerings are are what make it a local favourite.

We score an outdoor table, but there’s plenty of seating indoors if you prefer to stay out of the sun. But we’re liking the nice relaxed suburbian vibe. There’s kids playing throw and catch across the road and occasional dog walkers but it’s mostly quiet. It almost feels like I’m sitting on my front lawn.

Savoury Corn Waffle ($16.80)

The Savoury Corn Waffles are unusual enough to draw our attention. Essentially a corn fritter cooked in a waffle iron, it’s reminiscent of something that would come from the ‘Will it Waffle?’ book. The answer is yes, it’s not bad.

But probably better left unwaffled.

Acai Smoothie Bowl ($14.90)

We’re glad they haven’t done anything funky with the Acai bowl, which is the usual Açaí smoothie blend topped with toasted muesli and fresh fruit along with a coconut & chia pudding. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s clear that this simple combination works well judging from the number of people who order this bowl!

Arthur Street’s Famous French Toast ($17.50)

But if that’s not enough for your sweet tooth, go for the french toast.

It’s not easy to choose which of the two French Toast options to order, but we don’t regret our decision to go with Arthur Street’s Famous French Toast.

It comes as two coconut sugar coated slices of fluffy brioche, served with a sweet vanilla sour cream and honey syrup for sweetness complimented with good measure of tang from the fresh passionfruit and passionfruit curd.

Sweet Potato Chips ($8.50)

It might not be the most Instagrammable cafe, but it’s simple, satisfying and I don’t have to drive halfway across Sydney for brunch. That’s a winner in my books!

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