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April 19, 2018

Travel | HEXA 六公館 , Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong, we’re all for the cheap breakfast yum cha that’s available in pretty much all Chinese restaurants. Forget the dim sum specialist stores with long queues of tourists and tables crammed so tightly you can barely walk past the crowds to your own table- we’re quite content sipping tea and actually receiving service whilst downing a couple of steamers of food on a table that’s actually big enough to fit it all- and only costing a fraction of the price of Sydney Yum Cha.

But for something a little more extravagant, you’ve got to try Hexa.

HEXA 六公館

Yes, compared to our usual choices, Hexa is pricier, but for the price you’re paying not just for the quality of food (which is top notch I might add!) but also unobstructed 270 degree view of Victoria Harbour. And by pricier, I only mean Sydney prices. So really, it’s an absolute bargain!

HEXA 六公館

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings In Bamboo Charcoal Wrapping 黑金蝦餃 ($68HKD)

I’d strongly recommend to make a booking, especially as the restaurant isn’t particularly large- we rocked up at opening and just managed to get a table that was booked for a little later, otherwise it was completely booked out for lunch. And this was on a weekday!

We’re in love with the tasteful decor and relaxed atmosphere here- everything from high ceilings to the plenty of open space, comfy chairs and marble tabletops- what’s not to love? But it’s not just about the looks, the menu is one worth trying too. You’ll find your yum cha classics with a modern twist, with some creative an unique options like sea urchin spring rolls and wagyu pastries.

HEXA 六公館

Steamed Pork Dumplings With Black Garlic ‘Siu Mai’ 黑蒜燒賣 ($68HKD/~$11AUD)

We go for the recommended options on the menu, starting with the yum cha staples of har gow (prawn dumplings) and siu mai (dim sims). We’re impressed by the presentation of the black charcoal coloured wrapped har gow with a light brush of gold colouring on top, but they don’t taste all too different from what we’re used to.

The siu mai however are surprisingly delightful, the perfect combination of prawns and pork in a small bite sized parcel, the prawns incredibly crispy and the black garlic imparting a rich smokey garlic flavour. I’d go so far as to say that I’ve yet to come across a better siu mai, and considering I don’t usually do favourites- this is really saying something!

HEXA 六公館

Baked BBQ Pork Buns Topped With Buttered Crust 雪山叉燒包 ($52HKD/~$8.50AUD)

 The baked BBQ pork buns are quite similar to Tim Ho Wan’s, the light crunch of the baked sugar topping giving way to a thin layer of soft dough encasing a sweet, saucy barbecued pork filling.

HEXA 六公館

Golden Crispy Roulade With Foie Gras And Shrimp 金網鵝肝蝦卷 ($58HKD/~$8.50AUD)

And if crispy is your thing, then you won’t be disappointed by the Crispy Roulade With Foie Gras And Shrimp with a beautiful golden mesh wrapper which gives a light crunchy without being too heavy or oily (although we couldn’t quite taste the foie gras…).

HEXA 六公館

Wagyu Beef With Black Pepper In Puff Pastry 和牛黑椒酥 ($75HKD/~$12.30AUD)

But what we’re most impressed by is the Wagyu Beef With Black Pepper In Puff Pastry with layer after layer of flaky pastry. It’s quite similar to the fried radish puffs you may sometimes get at yum cha, but the addition of wagyu beef means that the filling is especially moist and tasty.

HEXA 六公館

Steamed Rice Flour Rolls With Shrimp ($60HKD/~$9.80AUD)

You can never go wrong with steamed Rice Flour Rolls and our choice of the rolls with prawns doesn’t disappoint, with silky smooth thin layers rolled around fresh juicy prawns.

HEXA 六公館

Stuffed Fish Maw With Mashed Shrimp 百花釀魚肚 ($52HKD/~$9.50AUD)

And I promise the Stuffed Fish Maw With Mashed Shrimp tastes much more enticing than it sounds, the steamed shrimp paste, bouncy almost like a cuttlefish ball.

When you’re done with the eating, take a stroll in the outside section that’s probably open during the warmer weather to get the full view of the harbour- it’s nothing short of amazing!

HEXA 六公館

HEXA 六公館
Shop OTE 101, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City
3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Tip: To get there, just walk through Harbour City all the way to the very end, and it’s just on the ground floor!

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