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April 16, 2018

The Social Hideout, Parramatta

It’s not hard to see why The Social Hideout is one of Parramatta’s most popular cafés.

It might not be situated right in the city centre, but the cutely decked out outdoor space and colourful menus is enough to draw a decent weekend crowd.

F45 Granola Bowl ($15.90)

Photogenic dishes like this F45 Granola bowl are definitely  major drawcard. Though we’re not too sure why its named as such, one thing is for sure- it’s a very tasty combination of nuts, fruit and chia seeds topped with a delicious maple vanilla yoghurt.

Beirut Hot Pot ($14.90)

I’m not too sure what to make of my Beirut Hot Pot. On paper, it sounds much like a Shakshuka- it’s got your tomatoes, eggs, garlic and optional chorizo all baked into one warm breakfast stew, served along toasted Turkish bread.

But flavour-wise it’s oh so different, not as spiced as a Shakshuka, and the absence of legumes making it more like my mother’s Chinese stir fried tomatoes and eggs than what I’m used to breakfast. It’s tasty, yes, but not quite as exciting as it had sounded.

The Habib ($16)

And how could one not order the Habib, probably the second most Instagrammed dish from this café (following the very colourful French Toast)? It’s a beautiful combination of poached eggs, mushroom and avocado on sourdough made extra special with the addition of a beautifully pink beetroot hummus and sprinkle of pomegranate.

Chicken Avocado Salad ($16.90)

And on the flip side, the chicken avocado salad is probably one of the least Instagrammed dishes, we couldn’t even find one photo of the salad on Instagram. And though it might not be the prettiest or the most unique dish ever, the combination of grilled chicken on a bed of greens with honey mustard dressing was definitely a great combination.

Sweet Corn Fritters ($17.90)

The sweet corn fritters come as a cute stack of thin, corn studded pancakes, served with a light tomato avocado salsa and poached eggs. A light topping of tomato relish and sprinkle of pomegranate add an extra burst flavour.

The Tokyo Mac ($16.90)

And as if to prove that café meals aren’t always about poached eggs, avocado, salads and other light options, there’s plenty of calorie rich offerings on the menu in the form of mac n cheese with crushed doritos, wagyu burgers and crumbed lamb cutlets just to name a few.

But none are quite as excessive as this Tokyo Mac, which is a deep fried chicken katsu burger on a soft charcoal Japanese milk bun, sandwiched with a good layers of cheesy mac n cheese in the middle, a saucy slaw and a good dollop of barbecue sauce to bring it all together. Don’t tell me you’re not sold?

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