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April 20, 2018

Left of Field, Rhodes

Although Rhodes can feel like it’s in the middle of nowhere, it works well for a work location. Walks by the foreshore make for relaxing lunchtimes, and there’s no shortage of good cafés for us to try. I’ve written about how much I’m loving Bare Witness, and right across from it, Left of Field is another café we’re loving just as much!

Spring Vegetable Salad, Left of Field

Salad of spring vegetables ($18)

We’ve visited Left of Field number of times within the last few months. The menu rotates with season, but moreso in the ingredients that appear in the dishes, than the dishes themselves. This seasonality means that the dishes are particularly fresh. This is especially noticeable in the veggie heavy dished like this spring vegetable salad. It’s a hefty serve of seasonal vegetables, lentils, herbs and eggplant. And whilst salads are usually a lighter lunch option, this one is a substantial serve that’s sure to leave you satisfied. The smokey flavour of the eggplant was a standout for this spring salad and although I’m sure the summer and autumn versions are just as tasty!

Chermula crusted chicken, Left of Field

Chermula crusted chicken ($23)

But if we thought the spring vegetables were great, the Chermula crusted chicken salad takes it up another notch! It’s essentially the same base salad, with very similar vegetables in the mix- not surprising given the seasonal nature of the menu. It’s certainly not your average chicken salad! We’re quite intrigued by the refreshingly novel blend of herbs and spices that is the chermula, the smokey char grilled broad beans are also a unique and very welcome addition and the crunchy puffed rice which gives us popcorn vibes.

We’re also impressed by the white almond gazpacho. It’s an unusual choice for a salad dressing, but the garlicy creamy dressing works especially well with the grilled corn, broad beans, carrots and snap peas.

Autumn Salad ($18)

You’ll also find the familiar garlicy flavours in their Autumn variant of their salad, this time in the form of a garlicy truffle hummus that lines the salad. It’s not heavily dressed, but there’s no shortage of flavour from the roasted sweet potato, tumeric cauliflower, beetroot and rocket that makes up the salad.

We’re also loving addition of farro as the choice of grain, the chewiness is refreshingly different.

Asparagus & Broccolini on Rye, Left of Field

Asparagus & Broccolini on Rye ($18)

Because the whole menu is seasonal, you’ll find a different combination of veggies in similar dishes throughout the year. This dish is called Asparagus and Broccolini when we visit in spring, but when we visited it turned into Asparagus and Green Beans- slightly different but just as delicious!

It’s a simple combination of lightly sautéed green veggies served on hummus, served with a poached egg and nutty rye bread. It’s nothing flash, but it’s a delightful combination, a sprinkle of hazelnut dukkah for extra flavour and pomegranate seeds for bursts of sweetness.

Green Eggs and Ham, Left of Field

Green Eggs and Ham ($19)

The Green Eggs and Ham is Left Of Field’s take on the classic Dr Seuss book. Although the eggs aren’t actually green, I can’t say we’re disappointed! There’s plenty of green from the creamy pea puree that lines the plate as well as the generous serve of crunchy snow and sugar snap peas. The peas and radish slices make the dish much lighter than it may seem despite the heaviness of the ham and deep fried hashbrown.

I’m not usually a fan of ham, but I have no trouble devouring the entire chunk of fragrant baked ham which was much more tender than other hams I’ve had in the past, and not too salty. But the real highlight for this dish was the potato rosti, which are deep fried to create an impossibly crisp shell encasing a soft, moist potato centre. Believe me, it is truly amazing!

Harissa Lamb ($20)

You know you’re heading into winter when you start seeing heartier options like this Harissa braised lamb shoulder on the menu. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial this is the one to go for, tender braised lamb, served on sourdough with slow roasted pumpkin, chickpeas and minted yoghurt.

Butternut Squash and Broccolini ($19)

The smashed butternut squash replaces the asparagus on their Autumn menu, and along with the pink beetroot hummus and sprinkle of fetta makes for a much brighter coloured dish.

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