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April 12, 2018

Ketchup Canteen, King Park

Tucked away in the middle of an industrial area, all the way out west, Ketchup Canteen’s location isn’t the busiest. So we’re a little surprised when we turn up on a Saturday evening to find it bustling with customers.

Surely that’s a sign of good food?

We’re here with some foodie friend to check out the burgers and fried chicken. Ketchup Canteen has only been open for a couple of months but is already drawing a loyal following- it’s by the same guys who run the Holy Heffa Burger Truck, so that might be part of the reason for its popularity!

Ketchup Canteen
Prices are cheap and cheerful here, we’re thinking it’s due to the location. Regardless, it’s great to know that you can get a satisfying feed without hurting your pocket too much.

Their burgers start from around $8, and Holy Heffa fans will be glad to know that you can also get your fix of the Heffa Homewreacka here too! But for something a little different, try The Sizzle, which comes with a slice of rump steak instead of your regular beef patty. It’s a thin piece of steak, folded over itself to fit between the brioche buns, a clever strategy as the thinness of the steak makes easier to chew through than a full slab of regular steak.

Ketchup Canteen, Kings Park

The Sizzle ($12)

There’s a satisfying sweetness of onions to accompany smokiness of the grilled steak but it’s the hit of flavour from the generous spread of chimichurri which surprises us. The peppery flavour of the rocket also works well, the light dressing on the rocket keeping is moist rather than grassy as rocket can sometimes be.

Make sure you get your napkins ready though, as the egg yolk does ooze out, which adds moisture to the burger, although it’s rather messy!

Ketchup Canteen, Kings Park

Clockwise from top left: TheKernel ($14), Broccoli Salad ($7), Cheesy Fries ($6), Wild Wings (6 for $11 )

The other burger menu items are just as enticing. Take a look at the Kernel Burger, which comes with an impossibly large piece of crispy fried chicken , pickles, coleslaw and special sauce!

And if fried chicken is your thing, there’s plenty of options. Take your pick with the heat levels, available in the southern, mild and hot varieties. There’s also wings if you prefer more of a side, served with southern comeback sauce.

Ketchup Canteen, Kings Park

Chicken Waffle Sando S12

Hot chicken, cheddar, hot maple sauce on a cinnamon buttermilk waffle sandwich

We like our fried chicken with carbs so we go for the Chicken Waffle Sando- a battered piece of thick chicken breast fillet served between two piece of buttermilk waffle. A good measure of cheese and hot maple sauce to glues it all together. It’s a match made in heaven, the cinnamon notes of the waffle pairing particularly well with the sweet maple sauce to balance out the spice from the fried chicken.

The spiciness was a little too much for us but the tantilising taste and satisfying the crunch of the crispy batter will make you want to soldier on, despite the burn!

Ketchup Canteen, Kings Park

Chicken & Waffles Plate (S16 )

If you’re more about the chicken than the waffle, then the Chicken Waffle Plate might be more your thing, with two pieces fried chicken served on the cinnamon buttermilk waffles.

Ketchup Canteen, Kings Park

Cheesy Fries (large $8, +bacon $2)

Cheesy Loaded Fries make a great accompaniment to fried chicken and burgers, especiall with bacon on top. Topped with a house-made  cheese sauce rather than melted cheese, this means we don’t have to worry about solidified cheese as it cools down. 

Ketchup Canteen, Kings Park

Mac ‘N’ Cheese (regular $6 large $9 )

To end the meal, we dig into the Mac ‘N’ Cheese which is a generous serve of pasta and cheese sauce. A comforting bowl of pasta, it could easily do as a meal itself.

But with all the enticing fried chicken and burger options on the menu, it would be too hard just not to order anything else!

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