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April 1, 2018

IKEA Buffet Easter 2018, Rhodes

It’s probably the Asian in me, but I’m never one to say no to a buffet!

So when I came across the sign advertising the IKEA Buffet for Easter during one of my lunchtime IKEA walks, I was quick to make plans with some colleagues to check it out!

It’s nothing new, IKEA have been running buffets pretty much since they opened in Rhodes. They’re usually around Christmas, Easter and occasionally throughout the year, and you can always guarantee there’ll be crowds.

But the fact that it was a short walk away from work and it started right as we finished work made it a perfect start to our Easter Long Weekend. And at just $18 per person, we did’t have much to lose!

IKEA Buffet Salads:

For those familiar with the IKEA restaurant set up, it’s much the same as usual. You just don’t need to worry about paying at the end. Grab a trolley, a couple of trays and load them up as you go!

Potato and Beetroot Salads, Cheese, Boiled Egg Salad and Herring (Clockwise from foreground)

Start at the salad station, where there’s a good selection, ranging from your standard potato and garden salads to the slightly fancier boiled egg salad topped with seaweed pearls.

Smoked Salmon Salad, with selection of crisp breads

We’d give the herring fillets a miss next time, they’re a little mushy (they come in jars from the shop downstairs) but the dill sauce that comes with the smoked salmon salad gets the thumbs us from us all!

IKEA Buffet Hot Food:

The hot food selection is not to different from the usual. You’ll find your favourite IKEA meatballs and although you could totally order 30 to eat your money’s worth in just meatballs, we decide to leave stomach space to try some of the other offerings.

The salmon proves a popular choice, it’s a generous portion size, though a little overcooked and dry. We’re much more fans of the vegetable medallions which are soft and tasty, and the mini quiches encased in buttery, flaky pastry.

IKEA Buffet Desserts:

There’s no shortage of desserts either!

IKEA Buffet Easter 2018, Rhodes

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble Pie, Oat Pastry and Almond Paste Pastry

We’re trying to do this strategically, starting from the lighter desserts and moving on to the heavier ones. We go fro the Apple Rhubarb crumble pie to start. It’s more apple than rhubarb, but it’s an enjoyable combination, the thin pastry crisp and buttery. We’re get an unexpected hit of rum when we bite into the the almond paste pastry, it’s a little too strong for our tastes but we’re glad we grabbed a chocolate oat ball each- a great balance of chocolate and coffee and coconut.

IKEA Buffet Easter 2018, Rhodes

Princess Cake (Foreground), Almond Cake (Background)

If you have kids, or are a kid at heart, go for the The Princess cake. The bright yellow shade of yellow is sure to delight, but we’re not so keen on the excessive whipped cream on sponge. The nutty white chocolate almond cake is more our thing.

IKEA Buffet Easter 2018, Rhodes

Daim Cake (Foreground) and Apple Cake (Background)

The Swedish Apple cake is heavily spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. It looks more like a tart than a cake, so if you’re expecting flaky pastry you may be disappointed (it’s more of a bread-like texture). The Daim cake however, tastes better than it looks, a nutty milk chocolate cake, covered with crunchy caramel pieces.

You can also purchase almost everything at the buffet from the Swedish Food Markets. I would have totally bought a pack of the Oat Balls to enjoy over the weekend, but at that point I was much too full to want to buy any more food. Probably a good thing, as I’ve got enough chocolate for Easter as it is!

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Tip: You can walk in, but numbers are limited so I would recommend booking in advance.

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