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April 10, 2018

Haven, Surry Hills

With such a unique name, there’s probably not many Sydneysiders who havent heard of Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously. And whilst the idea of tailored coffee doesn’t appeal to me (I’m not a big coffee drinker), I am a huge fan of their menu, so when I was particularly excited to try our their new menu with some foodie friends when FCBA invited me along.

Havenly Affogato with Vanilla Bean or Matcha Ice-cream $ 6 (top left, bottom right)

It’s been a while since my last visit so the menu has changed quite a bit, although the classic favourites are still there, along with some creative new options.

But first, drinks.

If dessert for breakfast is not your thing, then I’d suggest staying away from the Havenly Affogato. But if you’ve got a crazy sweet tooth like me, then this is the drink to order. I say drink, but this version of affogato is much more of a dessert than a drink, with an impressively large serve of ice cream (two scoops!)

It also comes in a matcha variant, where the vanilla ice cream is swapped for matcha. I’m not sure how I feel about the coffee matcha combination, but one thing is for sure- it does make for a very pretty looking drink!

Nutrition Tip
I’m all for occasional indulgences, but if I’m going to be consuming large amounts of calories and saturated fat, I’m going to make sure that it gives me the level of satisfaction that it’s worth. This is why I’d personally prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them- take for example an affogato, especially if it’s made on premium ice cream which is about 9% saturated fat (the stuff that raises your cholesterol!), then two scoops will mean you’ve passed the Heart Foundation’s recommended daily limit! Given that a skim capp gives me a fraction of the saturated fat and calories but a similar amount of satisfaction, I’d rather save the saturated fat for a slice of cake or dessert!

Omelette In Haven $15

The food menu is divided into three main sections- an all day brekky menu, lunch menu and of course, the famous egg waffle menu. The newest addition to the brekky menu is the Omelette in Haven, a fluffy omelette enclosing a delicious salmon filling. It’s much tastier than it looks, and delicious enough with the egg and salmon alone, but the addition of beansprout, coriander, fresh chilli and prawn crumbs impart a little Vietnamese influence and some extra crunch.

Definitely one worth giving a go- let’s hope this dish is here to stay

Stuffed Ricotta Zucchini Flower In Summer $20

The stuffed ricotta zucchini flowers are something a little different, and probably not something I’d usually order for brunch, but I’m so glad we decided to try this one! The zucchini flowers soft and delicate, covered in a satisfyingly crisp light tempura batter. The accompanying flavours of mango salsa, dill. chilli, mint, lime, pine nut add to the summer feel, making it the perfect dish for the warmer weather.

House-smoked Salmon Pasta $22

The House-smoked Salmon Pasta is a looker, the plating of the dark black squikd ink covered pasta contrasting with bright orange of the raw egg yolk sitting in the middle of the dish is pretty impressive to say the least! If you’re a fan of sticky black squid ink covered lips, this one is definitely the one for you, but personally I found it a little too saucy, although I did enjoy creaminess of the egg yolk when mixed with the pasta.

Lao-men (Dry Stirred Noodles) $22

There’s much going on with the Lao Men, a ramen based dry noodle dish with a fermented green tea and black sesame sauce. It’s a refreshing combination, with a light touch from the addition of soy beans and daikon radish and the deep fried daikon giving it some extra crunch.

Eel-ness $24

Having so many delicious dishes naturally means that picking a favourite is almost impossible, but I’m a huge fan of eel so naturally, this dish was always going to be a a winner. It comes with a good serving of unagi, grilled to a beautiful char glazed with a good measure of sweet soy sauce. But it’s the tofu scrambled egg with black rice cake that we’re really loving, the tofu scrambled egg delightfully fluffy against the chew of the rice cake. Japanese flavours from the wakame seaweed, pickled onion, bonito flakes, miso cream cheese and sesame bring this whole dish together and it’s clear, this one is definitely my favourite!

Signature Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger $20

And of course we couldn’t go past the very classic Haven dish- the signature Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger. The amount of ingredients in this open burger is enough to make a paragraph in itself, so I won’t list them out, but the combination of the soft toasted brioche, five spice roasted pork belly, kimchee and bocconcini is a clear winner in my books. 

Haven Egg Waffles, Hokkaido $16.50 (bottom left & right), Tiramisu $16.50, Pandan Mango $16.50

And of course we had to try out their egg waffles.

There are 4 varieties on the menu, including one savoury option (kimcheese waffle anyone?) but we’d had enough savoury for the day so stuck to the dessert options.

The Hokkaido egg waffles is served with the classic matcha red bean combination, one which never fails to please. You can choose to have them your own way- I prefer my egg waffles alone, perhaps with some ice cream and red bean add a little more excitement, but if you like more matcha then you can also pour over the matcha sauce- just make sure you finish the waffles quickly before they go soggy!

The tiramisu and pandan mango egg waffles are relatively new additions to the egg waffle menu, so we’re quite keen to give them a go. We’re loving the expresso chocolate sauce on the crispy chocolate egg waffle for the tiramisu, the addition of strawberry and strawberry adds freshness, and a little acidity to cut through the richness. The pandan mango has a very summery feel thanks to the addition of the mango, which works well with the coconutty taste of the pandan waffle, although goji berries and pistachios are a little bit of a strange combination.

Not that it mattered- we finished it all off anyway!

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