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April 30, 2018

Basket Brothers, North Parramatta

Mocha, Basket Brothers North Parramatta


It must be great to live in an apartment complex like the one that houses Basket Brothers. I can totally imagine taking the lift down to ground level each weekend and only needing another 10 or so steps to enjoy a delicious brunch at this quaint cafe.

It’s located right next to the ever so popular Social Hideout, and truth be told we were much more drawn to the colourful dishes and cutely decked out interior of the Social Hideout than the more simplistic menu and decor of Basket Brothers. But we did give them both a go, and are glad to report that Basket Brothers is well worth a visit.

Or two!

Smoked Brisket Hash, Basket Brothers North Parramatta

Smoked Brisket Hash ($17.5)

Even if it wasn’t Basket Brothers’ most Instagrammed dish, the Beef Brisket Hash would be my first pick from their menu- and it’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular! The combination of tender smoked beef brisket on toast is something different to your usual avo on toast options, and if that’s not enticing enough, the yolk porn from the fried egg on top seals the deal for me!

And the photo doesn’t do justice for the size of the dish- it is a massive serve- you’ll want to be sharing this with someone!

The smoked beef brisket is as tender as it looks and sounds, and is cooked with carrots in a tomato-ey sauce which makes it more like a hearty beef stew. The slice of toasted sourdough it’s served upon seems tiny in comparison to the pile of meat, so it that’s not enough carbs for you, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s also potato in the beef mix too.

Truffled Mushroom, Basket Brothers North Parramatta

Truffled Mushroom ($17)

The Truffled Mushroom Scrambled Eggs is a lighter offering, but that it’s by no means a small portion. We’re loving the presentation of the fluffy scrambled eggs on sourdough, with a sprinkle of sautéed mixed truffled mushrooms and edible flowers- it’s like eggs and toast, taken to the next level!

There’s much more mushroom than meets the eye, with further cup mushrooms hiding beneath the mountain of egg. The taste of the truffle is a little more mute than I had expected, but there’s also plenty of flavour from the pan fried haloumi and wilted spinach sitting below the eggs.

Sweet Potato Chips with Spiced Chipotle Mayo, Basket Brother North Parramatta

Sweet Potato Chips with Spiced Chipotle Mayo ($7)

Not that we needed any extra food, and we definitely would not have ordered the sweet potato chips had we known how large and satiating the portion sizes were, but the sweet potato chips are worth a try. Covered in a light crisp, tempura light batter they give a very satisfying crunch, and the sweetness of the sweet potato does go particularly well with the spiciness of the chipotle mayo too!

We’re quite impressed by Basket Brothers brunch offerings and we thought we need to give their lunch menu a go too, so a week later, we’re back again, this time with the whole family!

Brother’s Burger, Basket Brothers North Parramatta

Brother’s Burger ($17.5 with fries)

We didn’t really read the full description of the Brother’s Burger when we ordered it, so we’re taken aback by the height of the burger when it arrives- it’s a double pattie. And not just two thin Maccas style patties either- we’re talking real plump, thick, juicy grass fed beef patties complete with melted cheese on top.

It’s a very classic beef burger, with chutney, sweet onions, aioli, tomato & lettuce, and one that works well. And the kick from the pickled jalapeños made it that much better!

Grilled Chicken Burger, Basket Brothers North Parramatta

Grilled Chicken Burger ($17.5 with fries)

And it’s not just the double pattie beef burger that is comes in a large serving, even our order of the Chicken Burger comes with not one, not two but three piece of chicken breast! It’s sandwiched between the soft white buns, along with your usual chicken burger suspects of creamy avocado and crunchy lettuce but it’s not a boring combination- the tomato and jalapeño salsa gives it much flavour and moisture.

Sirloin Steak Sandwich with fries, Basket Brothers North Parramatta

Sirloin Steak Sandwich ($15.5 with fries)

The steak sandwich is not the best looking steak sandwich we’ve come across, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover- it’s much tastier than it looks. We’re most curious about the thick sirloin steak, which has a light pink appearance most similar to ham! We’re almost convinced they’ve sandwiched the wrong meat into the sandwich, but we’re we bite through to find that it is indeed a very moist, tender piece of steak. The sharpness of the mustard, a condiment we’re not too used to in our steak sandwiches, is much more prominent than the sweetness of the onions, but it does work surprisingly well and almost gives us roast pork vibes!

Brother's Own Lunch with Poached Egg, Basket Brothers North Parramatta

Brother’s Own Lunch ($17.90) with Poached Egg ($3)

It’s always a bit of a risky choice, choosing something that hasn’t previosuly been photographed on Insta, but I thought I’d take a stab in the dark and try out their lunch bowls. It’s a simple combination of your choice of protein, veggies and carbs. And my choice of grilled Salmon, roasted sweet potato and quinoa does not disappoint at all. Sure, it might not be as flashy and colourful as some of the protein bowls you may get from other cafes, but it’s a very satisfying combination of roasted sweet potato, fluffy and chewy quinoa and smokey grilled salmon. It’s simple but works well, and the oozey yolk from my addition of poached eggs helps to bring it all together. It’s excellent value too (grilled salmon alone at any other cafe would easily cost upwards of $20), for a very satisfying portion size.

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