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March 3, 2018

Cool Mac, Kirribilli

Matcha Latte

I tend to plan my free days around food, first picking somewhere nice to eat and then choosing something to do around that area. Today is one of the few exceptions, where it’s the other way around- we’re at Milson’s Point for a Harbour Bridge walk, so we thought we’d find some where close by for a quick bite beforehand.

It’s a bit of a spontaneous catch up so we hop into the first cafe that catches our eye, this being Cool Mac, just across the road from the station. 

Umezuke ($16)

The menu is Japanese Fusion, and there’s definitely a strong Japanese feel to this place, from the mini vending machine in the corner, to the handwritten menus with options like bacon tempura, soba and tofu in addition to some typical brunch favourites like eggs on toast and granola.

For something completely different to what you’d find on a breakfast menu, we go for the Umezuke which is a salmon ochazuke, or rice soup with grilled miso salmon and onsen egg in a plum broth. Umezuke is a Japanese pickled plum, and although this dish is more typically served at the end of a meal, the tanginess from plum definitely works well as a wake me up for brekky.

Nutrition Tip
Delicious as a broth like ochazuke may be it is important to be careful of the sodium content! Being made up of dashi (a Japanese kelp based broth), soy and salt, ochazuke is inherently high in sodium. However in this case, it is actually the Umuzuke which brings much of the sodium in this broth. Being a salt pickled plum, each plum contains more than 500mg of sodium- that’s around a quarter of the Heart Foundation’s recommendation of less than 2000mg of sodium per day! 

That’s not to say that this broth is a no go zone though- personally I just have less of the soup, and spent more time enjoying the other contents!

Dengaku Toast ($16)

But if soup for brekkie is not so much your thing, the dengaku toast might appeal more to your tastes. A piece of toasted sourdough, topped with a hefty serve of deep fried eggplant chunks, cucumber and avocado, it’s a little bit of a quirky combination but the rich dark miso dressing brings it together very well.

It’s definitely one I’d order again next time, but I’m also eyeing the Mayumi breakfast set- a more traditional style breakfast presented beautifully in 6 small bowls. I might have to bring along a couple more friends next time to try everything!

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