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January 7, 2018

The Baron, Castle Hill

Lazy weekend mornings mean that

  • We cannot be bothered making anything nice for breakfast and;
  • We cannot be bothered traveling far for breakfast

Mocha ($4.50)

And so you’ll most likely catch us at our usual local favourites on a Saturday/Sunday morning. Unless it’s a day like this, where we turn up to our usual local café only to find it packed and rather than waiting on hungry stomachs for a table, we venture over to the neighboring (even more popular) café to try our luck….and get lucky!

Which is how we end up at the Baron this fateful Saturday morning.

Breakfast Salad

Anyone around the Hills area would have no doubt heard of the Baron, serving one of the top rated coffees in the area- but don’t ask me, I don’t know coffee- I’m just here for the food. My last visit was so long ago that I remember sitting by the window looking out on a patch of grass, whereas these days a window seat will give you an excellent view of the construction site that is the station-to-be and its surrounding high rise apartments.not quite a picture perfect backdrop but again, I’m just here for the food!

Chicken Sub ($16)

The menu is brief, with only a handful or so options, but its seasonal and has just enough to make sure theres an option for everyone- with a little bit of everything from breakfast, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

The bacon and egg roll looks incredibly good, but we’re feeling like something a little lighter today so we pick the chicken sub instead which is as relaxed in its presentation as the vibe is here. What you see is exactly what you get, a lightly toasted bun sprinkled with a heavy handful of shredded lettuce leaves, saucy chicken and a couple of sprigs of coriander- its simple but it works surprisingly well and makes for a satisfying light lunch.

Breakfast Salad

But it’s the breakfast salad that wins me over, a tasty array of roasted spring veggies and greens tossed in a light vinaigrette. There’s a lot going on, the thin slivers of pickled fennel and lemon rind adding depth and zing to the already fresh flavours, but it’s not a very messy affair- the base of hummus is there to glue the many components together, or if you prefer, there’s also the lightly toasted crisp flat bread to wrap it all up.

It’s light and fresh, and exactly what I need on a day like this- sometimes it does pay to try something new!

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