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September 2, 2017

Passiontree, Chatswood

Taro Bingsoo

I’m a sucker for all things sweet and naturally, rarely one to turn down dessert so when I had the opportunity to visit Passiontree, a dessert cafe, to trial some of their desserts I couldn’t say no!

Epic Hot Chocolates: White Mint, Campfire S’Mores, Peanut Butter Cuppa, Rose Delight ($9.90)

We start with the Epic Hot chocolates, which are so amazingly photogenic that by the time we get around to actually drinking them they’re not so hot anymore! And epic is exactly what they are, each over the top hot chocolate served in a massive beer mug and so much chocolate dripping down the sides that it needs its own little plate to catch it all!

Bingsoo – Cookies n Cream, Berry Berry ($14.90)

After warming up with the hot chocolates, we move to the other end of the spectrum with the icy cold bingsoo (Korean shaved ice dessert), a substantial bowl of flavoured shaved ice topped with chocolate sauce, oreos and a vanilla ice cream in the Cookie n Cream variety, and a selection of berries and scoop of strawberry ice cream in the Berry Berry variety. It’s presented beautifully, but doesn’t stay this way long once we dig in!

Taro Bingsoo ($16.90)

But if you’re going to go for bingsoo, go for the Taro bingsoo and no, I’m not saying this just because you’ll get a good insta-worthy shot out of it!  The taro ice cream is a real winner, infact so much so that I would visit just to have a scoop of it, but the toppings are what makes this dessert even more exception, with everything from sliced almonds to Crunchy Nut cereal flakes, red bean and of course, the white chocolate flower encasing cute matcha mochi pieces.

A pour of the taro sauce bring all of the elements together into one big, delicious icy mess, each mouthful complete with different flavours and textures, the crunch of the cereal contrasting with the soft chew of the mochi bites. 

And for something with even more of a ‘wow’ factor, try the pancake stacks- three thick fluffy vanilla pancakes topped with an upside down ice cream cone, the melting ice cream acting as additional sauce.

Berry Good Pancake Stack ($14.50)

The Berry Good Pancake stack is the most eye catching, the vibrant red cone hard to miss. Berries and pancakes are always a winning combination so there was no doubt that this one would go down well, the fresh berries bringing bursts of tanginess.

Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack, Black Sesame Pancake Stack ($14.50)

The Matcha Mochi is another classic combination that works well, the slight bitterness of the matcha ice cream and sauce balanced by the sweet red bean cleverly sandwiched between the layers of pancake.  But the flavour combination that really won us over was the Black Sesame, the nuttiness of the black sesame flavour particularly enjoyable.

Matcha Lava Bread ($16.90)

And I did leave the best til last, the Lava Bread, a seemingly innocent and unexciting thick pillow of white toast served alongside the slightly more enticing offering of ice cream and cream. That is, until you cut open through the crispy toast into a runny liquid centre- it’s almost like a chocolate fondant, but even better!

The matcha version is enjoyable, and there’s also a strawberry variety, but if you’re a fan of Asian flavours I’d recommend trying out the taro. It is almost like a thick, warm taro milk tea housed within the toast, the plate bursting with delightful violet liquid once you start cutting in.  The taro sauce so delicious you won’t want to waste a drop, luckily there’s plenty of fluffy white bread to mop it up.

Taro Lava Bread ($16.90)

But make sure you leave plenty of stomach space for this (or bring lots of friends!) because it is every bit as filling as you would imagine!

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