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April 17, 2017

Crab Carnival 2017 at The Morrison, CBD

I’m a huge fan of all things seafood, and if there’s one type of seafood that I don’t see enough of on restaurant menus it would be crab. So when I heard about the Crab Carnival at The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room with a complete menu dedicated to crab, I knew I had to visit. The Crab Carnival runs annually for roughly a month between March and April, and involves not only crab dishes, but also crab drinks and events (hermit crab racing anyone?)

Oysters ($4 each)

We start off with not crab, but what The Morrison is best known for- oysters. There’s two selections available on the day which we completely miss the name of (we’re a little too excited for the food!) but we get 3 of each to share, and apart from the fact that one is slightly saltier than the other, we don’t notice much of a difference- either way, they are delicious and super fresh!

Crab Doughnut Holes ($16)

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s located as the first option on the menu, but the Crab Doughnut Holes prove quite popular with almost every table ordering at least one serve. These small, bit sized morsels are perfect for sharing, and the delicate blue crab meat and mayo filling pairs well with the soft doughnut sliders.

Chilli Crab Linguine ($28)

Although the bolder Asian flavours of the Typhoon crab are very tempting, we decide to go with something more simple in the Chilli Crab Linguine instead. The combination of snow crab meat and lemon butter sauce works perfectly to bring out the fresh subtle sweetness of the crab meat.

Open Crab Pie ($34)

The Open Crab Pie is more rustic in appearance thanhow I had imagined it- a crisp, flaky shortcrust shell encasing a creamy filling of crab knuckle meat, smoked cod, leeks and white sauce. The buttery pastry and creamy filling make for a very rich flavour, but not overpoweringly so and is easily our favourite of the night.

We’d love to return to have another crack at the menu but unfortunately it has finished (on Sunday) for 2017, which means another year’s wait for this event to run again!

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