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November 13, 2016

XS Espresso, North Parramatta

I know I’m definitely part of the minority when I say that runny yolks aren’t my thing (I prefer my yolks just set so it doesn’t spill all over my brekkie) but when breakfast is this good, I’m definitely not complaining!

We’ve been meaning to visit XS Espresso since it opened up in North Parramatta, and are constantly reminded of it everytime we drive past the large unmissible XS logo…..which is just about every couple of days!

Monster Milkshake ($14)

The milkfreakshakes are really what we’re here for, and they have an extensive list of options which make it difficult to choose. Luckily we have about 15 minutes to spare whilst waiting for a seat, but even that wasn’t enough to narrow out choices down.
The shakes are quite expensive, and will cost you almost as much as a meal itself, but considering they’re pretty much a dessert on top of a shake, it is worth trying. We wanted to try all of the shakes, but we ended up going for the Monster Milkshake, complete with waffles, Tim Tams, Oreos and whipped cream, because between a cronut and a waffle, we’d rather the latter. And it was a decision we did not regret either!

The milkshakes served at the North Parramatta location are served in a tall mason jar rather than the classic styled ones, which make it looks less over the top. Looks can be deceiving though, because it’s definitely a lot more filling that it appears and we struggled to finish both the shake and our breakfast. We’d definitely go halvies on the shakes next time!

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($19)

The food menu was much easier to pick from, especially as we were brunching which narrowed it down to about half of the options. We hadn’t expected much from the food so we didn’t think too much of it when we ordered but we were pleasantly surprised!

We really love the plating of the breakfast dishes, such as our eggs benedict, which is simple yet elegant. We order ours with smoked salmon, which goes beautifully with the toasted sourdough, wilted spinach and poached eggs covered in creamy hollandaise. Even my sister, who isn’t usually a fan of this dish found herself enjoying it.

Delicious Dean ($17)

But the prize for the most beautiful looking dish definitely goes to Delicious Dean.

I’m a sucker for any dish which has the word stack in it, so I immediately went for this option, which is essentially a dressed up smashed avo with poached eggs, cherry tomatoes, goat’s cheese, prosciutto rolls and pesto. Oh. And the edible flower garnishes which make it look extra pretty!

I’ll forgive the mismatching poached eggs (one yolk was super runny, the other hard) this time since it was a delightful dish not only to look at, but also in taste. I’ve never met a smashed avo that I didn’t like but the addition of the prosciutto and goat’s cheese really did take it up another level!

Spanish Breakfast Bowl ($18)

This is the one you really to take a photo of” informs the waiter as he drops off our last dish, the Spanish Breakfast Bowl. It reminds me of the bread bowls I had for breakfast at Dip In Cafe in Melbourne last year, although this one is served quite differently. It’s plated into a tall stack, with a mountain of eggs, chorizo, smashed avo and veggies enclosing the filling of cheese and beans, which makes for a much more filling meal than it may appear at first!

The milkshake, which we have yet to finish, makes for a great dessert to end the meal with a sweet note, although the waffle has gone quite soft and soggy by now. We’ll take the bits and bobs off the top next time when we’re back to tackle our next freak shake!

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