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March 10, 2016

Jumak (Drunken Rice), Town Hall

When the Korean food cravings kick in, I’m glad I’m in Sydney, where I’m spoilt for choice with plenty of good Korean restaurants everywhere. And my latest Korean food adventures take me to Jumak, one of my favourite hole in the wall joints in Sydney. Located in one of the alleys off George Street, it makes up for its discreet location with bright Christmas lights and large lit-up menus of their menu.

The restaurant is bigger than it appears at the front, with multiple levels and plenty of large tables for groups. We love the service button on each table which sets off a loud doorbell like noise- saves us from trying to catch the attention of the busy waitstaff as they’re rushing about.

Korean Fried Chicken ($13)

We start off with our favourite- Korean fried chicken, which we’re quickly told by the waitstaff does not come as it appears on the menu which we’re not quite sure what it means, until it arrives and we realise that the sauce is served separately rather than being mixed in. Not that we mind though- keeping the sauce separate means that the incredibly crunchy batter remains crunchy for much longer.

The chicken comes in a serve of 7 pieces, which makes it difficult for sharing (unless you’re dining in a group of 7). But hey- who said they wanted to share in the first place?

Seafood Pancake ($20)

There’s a couple of variations of pancake on the menu, including kimchi and mung bean varieties, but we decide to stick with our usual- seafood pancake. Their version is of the thicker variety- with more filling than batter, whilst remaining nice and crispy. The pancake is loaded with plenty of veggies, especially onion, which imparts a nice sweetness to complement the seafood.

Seafood Stir Fried Rice Cake ($27)

The stir fried rice cake isn’t quite as impressive as it looked in the picture on the menu- it certainly isn’t as colourful as the picture had us believe! But looks aside, it was quite enjoyable, with a tasty chilli sauce which is just as fiery as it looks. It is a massive serving, enough to serve at least 2-3 with a generous serving of seafood and plenty of fishcakes to compliment the chewy rice cakes.

Jumak also serves some pretty delicious looking bing-soo, but we needed a little bit of a break before dessert. Perhaps next time?

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