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June 2013

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June 28, 2013

Matcha Ice Cream


Another torturous two weeks of exams are over, and there’s not much to report back from my months of absence, in terms of food anyway (as I haven’t been venturing into the kitchen much). The most exciting thing that’s happened is that I bought sheet gelatin for the first time (yay!)- something I’ve wanted to buy for a while but have never known where to get it from.

It turns out that if I’d been looking hard enough, it wasn’t actually that hard to find as Harris Farms stocks it…..Not that I knew of it’s existence near my uni (and it’s literally a 5 minute walk) until my friend, who’s only been in Sydney for a couple of months, notified me of it and the fact that they have gelatin leaves 🙂 I really ought to explore my own city more!

Interestingly enough, the week after I bought them, Aldi started stocking gelatin leaves too…..


Another new ingredient to my pantry is green tea powder- something I know I definitely did not look hard enough for. I’ve been sort of wanting to buy green tea powder ever since I started this blog (some 4ish years ago!), specifically to make green tea ice cream, and have never really ‘found’ it despite the fact that probably every Asian supermarket stocks it. That, and the fact that I’ve been told plenty of times which specific Asian supermarket you can get green tea powder from and I still didn’t manage to find it.

I’ll have to explain though- I keep looking for it in the tea section, but they put it in the Japanese section!!


So once I finally got my hands on a packet of this stuff, the first thing I made was green tea ice cream (surprise surprise)!! I used my usual ice cream recipe, substituting the fruit for green tea powder mixed with water, and the results were quite good, though I found the ice cream to be a bit too bitter for my tastes. But I really dislike tea (yes-even green tea) so it might be a personal thing- most other recipes I’ve looked at so far have roughly the same amount of green tea powder.

I’ll definitely be tweaking the recipe soon-ish to make it more suited to my tastes so look out for matcha ice cream part 2 in the near future 😉


Matcha (Green Tea) Ice Cream

3 tsp green tea powder
3 egg yolks
110g sugar
300mL milk
300mL cream

1.Mix the green tea powder with about 3 tablespoons of water to make a thick paste (you might need to add a little more hot water if it’s not making a paste).
2. Put the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and whisk together until pale and mixture leaves a trail when the whisk is lifted. Slowly add the milk into the egg mixture, stirring with a wooden spoon. Transfer to a saucepan or a double boiler and cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring all the time, until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. Do not allow the mixture to boil or it will curdle. Remove the custard from the heat, mix in the green tea paste (from step 1) and leave to cool for at least 1 hour, stirring from time to time to prevent a skin from forming.
3. Whip the cream until it holds its shape.
4. If using an ice cream machine, fold the whipped cream into the cold custard, then churn the mixture in the machine following the manufacturers instructions. Alternatively, freeze the custard in a freezer container, uncovered, for 1-2 hours, or until it begins to set around the edges. Turn the custard into a bowl and stir with a fork or beat in a food processor until smooth. Fold in the whipped cream. Return to the freezer and freeze for a further 2-3 hours, or until firm or required. Cover the container with a lid for storing.

Note: I’ve only made this recipe using an ice cream machine- if making manually without a machine, you might want to have a look at some other instructions on making ice cream without a machine as I get the feeling that mixing the frozen mixture once will not result in a very creamy ice cream! 😉

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June 13, 2013

Takumi, Haymarket

Salmon and Avocado Roll
I really hate having to choose somewhere to eat when I’m in the city…… there’s just too many choices!!! 
Takumi, in Market City, is one I’ve only heard of recently (eventhough I’ve probably walked past it couuntless number of times) and though I’m not usually much of a fan of sushi trains, $2.50 for everything, including some of my favourite Japanese fried goodies sounded much too good to resist!!
Kingfish Gunkan

We’re only here for a light meal, as we’ve had half a meal elsewhere, but there’s so many tempting options- it sort of just turned into a bit more than that!

We start of with the salmon and avocado handroll, which is made to order and done so incredibly fast. It’s nice, and pretty much what you would expect of a salmon and avocado handroll. The kingfish gunkan was more exciting- a generous serving of kingfish cubes served with a drizzle of terriyaki-like sauce. Unfortunately, the seaweed was rather chewy, which meant that the kingfish cubes quickly fall out as you’re effort-fully trying to bite your way through.

Salmon Tobiko Sushi

I was excited to see salmon tobiko sushi- two cute, bitesized little rolls of rice wrapped in a thin piece of salmon, topped with a dash of mayonnaise and tobiko.

The problem with having read some pretty good reviews of restaurants before visiting, as I had with Takumi, is that it did leave me with some expectations. I mean, I wasn’t expecting the food here to blow my socks off, but I was a little disappointed that the fish wasn’t nearly as fresh as others had made it out to be, or the sushi to be as nice and delicate as I’d hoped. 
Octopus Karaage

But considering that it’s priced at $2.50 a dish, the quality wasn’t half bad- I did find that I much preferred the fried options over the sushi. We order them from the menu, as there’s barely any on the train itself, which is a good thing as we prefer to have our deep fried foods fresh and hot……although this also means that they take a while to come. There’s plenty of options on the menu, and though we’d loved to have tried them all, we didn’t quite have enough stomach space for it!

Shirauo- Fried White Bait

The octupus karaage is tasty, covered in your typical karaage batter, though we find the octupus to be a little too soft for our liking.We’re disappointed with the Shirauo, usually one of our favourite dishes- this version is much more batter than fish and rather bland too.

Salmon Kushiage

We’d ordered the kushiage scallops but were disappointed to find out they’d ran out of scallops for the day, so we opt for salmon kushiage instead. These are basically salmon katsu on sticks, with the salmon being fried with a bread crumb coating, giving it a pleasant crunch. It’s served with a cute packet of Tonkatsu sauce, which tasted rather much like barbecue sauce to me, though I prefer eating it as is. We like that it’s not too oily, though it’s a bit on the heavier side.

Soft Shell Crab

Being one of my favourite fried foods, soft shell crab was the main reason I came here. I was excited to find that the soft shell crab serving was much larger than I’d anticipated. Interestingly, it’s covered in a lighter batter than I’d expected, giving it a softer crunch, which goes well with the lightly sweet sauce it comes with. Different, but still a refreshing change to the soft shell crabs I’m used to.  And at $2.50, it’s definitely a bargain I’ll be coming back for!!

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