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November 30, 2012

Bunny Sushi, Chedi Thai

It’s this time of the year again!

Marked by the burning of books and notes (nah, I’ve never actually done that), crawling out of my shell for the first time in weeks (okay, so that’s not so true either) and doing basically everything fun that comes to mind……….. it’s the holidays again!!

And it means that I finally have time to blog again, though I have to admit it’s not the most exciting of all my post exam activities…

During this time last year, I got into sushi making, and was rather obsessed with the idea of making cutely shaped sushi characters. Though they looked alright (a far cry from the professional ones in the book I used), they tasted too bland for my liking. The latest addition to my (rather small) collection of sushi brings me a little closer to making a better tasting sushi, being the first of the character sushi rolls which isn’t completely made out of rice!

The design itself is quite simple, with only a nose and mouth (as in the cat sushi) and some pretty straightforward crabstick ears to make. Oh, and plus two eyes which I was originally going to make with nori but didn’t have enough time so I photoshopped them on instead

And onto my post-exam celebrations:

(well the first part of them anyway)

Crispy Pork and BBQ Pork and Rice With Plum Sauce $10.9

Having made my way through 4 consecutive exams, and surviving off 3 hours of sleep, we head over to Newtown for a celebratory lunch. Instead of our usual $6.50 spots, we head across the road to Chedi Thai, a somewhat fancier (and quieter) restaurant.

Iced Coffee $2

First off, some coffee to wake myself up!! The drinks menu is unbelievably cheap, at $2 each for a range of iced teas and coffees. The Thai iced coffee is a little bit too sweet, even for me, but is much better when ice melts.

The sight of crispy pork on the menu has me, and I quickly decide to order the Crispy pork and BBQ pork with plum sauce, momentarily forgetting the fact that the restaurant I work at offers a similar dish (though with BBQ pork only) which I’ve never liked. Unsurprisingly, I’m not too fond of the BBQ pork- the crispy pork however, is amazingly crispy and tastes great with the plum sauce.

Sticky Rice with BBQ Pork and Papaya Salad $10.90
My friend eyes the menu for something unique and ends up going for the BBQ pork and sticky rice with papaya salad. The sticky rice is cleverly wrapped in foil to prevent it soaking the papaya salad dressing- a good thing as my friend finds the dressing rather sour. I however, love the refreshing papaya salad as it is, and find it a great accompaniment to the BBQ pork, which we both agree is addictively tasty. 

Chedi on Urbanspoon

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  • Sara - Belly Rumbles

    The bunny sushi is way too cute!

    December 3, 2012 at 1:33 PM Reply
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