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March 1, 2010

Prince Restaraunt – Parammatta

Lately, I’ve fallen into a pattern of blogging where I blog mostly towards the end of the week and leave it until the end of the next week to blog again. It’s not that I’m purposely neglecting my blog- it’s just that I’m finding less time to blog, especially as I’ve run out of excuses to use the computer for homework.

Since most of my free time is on the weekends, it’s not surpsrising that I do most of my eating out then too. Ocassionaly I tag along to my parents (and granndparents) weekly trip to yum cha. This time, it was at Prince Restaurant- the first time I’d been there since it opened. Walking in, the first thing I noticed was that the decor had not changed much from the last time I’d been here- and that was before it had become Prince Restaurant and was actually Tingha Place (which was a couple of years ago!). It must be quiet popular as it was also already three quaters full by the time we got there (and that was before 12 pm)

The most unique thing about Prince restaurant is the wide variety that it offers- which is why I quite liked it becuase when it comes to yum cha, I like to try something new (and or course good tasting too!). Another funny thing is that the trolleys that they use for non steamed foods is like those heavy duty ones usually used to put dirty dishes and stuff. It looked kinda funny…..
Beef Tripe
I love how beef tripe always comes in a serving larger than the dish- it looks so messy! As always, the beef tripe is drenched in oil, which slowly drips off when you hold it up with chopsticks. The tripe is flavoursome and not too bad. I like eating tripe more for the funny texture than the taste though!
Steamed pork bones

This is something we usually order at yum cha because it rarely seems to fail. The extremely high fat content of the meat, soaked in a pool of oil ensures that not only does it slides down your throat easily, it tastes good too!

Chinese Fried donut (or, translated literally, cow tongue pastry!)

A lover of fried foods, especially freshly fried foods this was a pleaser. Freshly fried, as the yum cha ladies were advertising, the exterior of this puffy bun is nice and crispy whilst the inside was soft and fluffy!

BBQ pork buns


The buns at yum cha are notably different from the ones you get at Asian bakeries. For one thing, they are extremely glossy, as a result of a layer of honey on top- it makes it very very sweet (whiich i like). The filling is also very sweet and they also have a high filling to bread ratio.




Fried taro balls
These are almost my favourite yum cha snack. The fried batter is light and crispy which is why it leaves such a mess after you eat it! The filling of taro and minced pork is also nice, if a little oily- but it tastes so good! Most yum cha places give only 3 per dish so this time, there’s no need to share!

Seasame Prawn Rolls
Another one of my favourites is seasame prawn rolls which is a mixture of prawns wrapped in a thin pastry and then deepfried with seasame on the top. The layer of seasame make the exterior extra crunchy whilst the filling is soft and flavoursome.

Intestines =]
Or random cow’s innards. Are also one of my favourites at yum cha- I particularly like the tendons, which taste a bit like a firm jelly.

Fried rice noodle rolls
Nicely fried (and freshly fried so they’re hot) they aren’t too bad. The only thing is that they have corn in them which I don’t think goes really well with the rolls.

The awesome thing about Prince restaurant is that they have this thing in the corner where you can order fried foods (pan fried that is) so they fry it once you order. It’ll be hot and therefore proabbly tastier. They also have a few selections which are not so common in Sydney. We go for these little cakes which are pretty much prawn paste wrapped in some wrapping ( I think it might bve wonton wrappers). They taste pretty ordinary though.
Mango dessert
We saw this being wheeled around on a trolley- which to me looked strangely green because of the greenish tinge that the glass bowl had. Mango sago dessert is one of our favourite desserts so we though we ought to give this a try (although this didn’t have sago). It definitely did not live up to our standards- there’s only one word to describe it: weird.
Prince Restaurant

100 Church St, Parramatta
(02) 9891 5777

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  • Eyes Bigger Than Belly

    Oh my gosh – you put me to shame! I have a serious aversion to offal – so the intestines and tripe are well out of my league!!
    I would really like to try the steamed pork bones though – I have heard of these but never tried them… think I just need to bite the bullet! 🙂

    March 1, 2010 at 11:44 PM Reply
  • mike@scallopsandpancetta

    Yum Cha sounds awesome. I have to try it soon; I've been in Oz about 9 months and still never been! I love the idea of so much offal too; I've found that the taste can often be brilliant if you're willing to try it! Although I did cook tripe at home once, the traditional English way – poached in milk with heaps on onions… it was disgusting!

    March 2, 2010 at 1:38 PM Reply
  • Sydneyguyrojoe

    EAsy one, Yum cha here is GOOD, Dinner, not so much!! Location is still a little out of the way and i think when Ting Ha palace closed people moved on to other places!!

    November 22, 2013 at 2:44 AM Reply
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