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December 6, 2009

Mee The Noodle House

‘You’re going to blog about this place??’

That was my mum’s first reaction when I decided to blog about Mee The Noodle House. Because it isn’t actually the most interesting place to talk about. It’s not even a restaurant- it’s more of a takeaway store with tables and seats. But hey, it’s food so why not?

We usually eat here on Thursday nights due to the lack of choices available at shopping centres. The food is reasonably priced (most of it is under $10) and the food isn’t the best but it’s not too bad and definitely better than food court food.
With its limited menu of about 20 or so items, it didn’t take long for us to try everything on it. So it was a pleasant surprise when we revisited this place to find that it had undergone some slight renovation and had some new and interesting things on its menu. One wall is made up of little boxes which they use to store their sauces, noodles etc. We often wonder if they would notice if someone stole a bottle or something…….There’s also a selection of sauces which you can take and tea and water which you can refill- the tea is really dilute though.

Fried chicken with noodles

As always, the food comes quite quickly- the fried chicken with noodles arrive arrives first. The chicken isn’t crunchy and has already become slightly soggy (from the soup) but it is very flavoursome. The soup however, is awfully oily, as is most of their food but is bearable.

Fried Rice Noodles

For a takeaway shop, the fried rice noodles are pretty good. It has the ‘breath of wok’ which is the most important thing in this dish. The meat is tender and the flavours are good- it’s one of the better options here. However, it isn’t as good as some other restaurants and is more oily than we would like.

Pad Thai

The Pad Thai was a new addition to the menu- its certainly very different from any Pad Thai I’ve ever had before. At first sight, its lacking in colour- I’m sure Pad Thai isn’t supposed to be this yellow! When I take a bite, I find that it’s also lacking in flavour. The normal sweetness of the dish is lacking- instead, they add a tablespoon of sugar at the side. There is a couple of prawns and a bit of meat too. The dish is okay, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Seafood Laska

They give a generaous amount of prawns in the laska. I never order this because to me it’s too hot- I can’t stand hot foods. But its not actually all that hot…..

I love the fact that it has pineapples in them (yep, I’m a pineapple lover) and I usually end up stealing most of the pineapples. We order this frequently, so I assume that it’s pretty good.


Noodle House
(in Westfields)
Store 1092
236 Pacific Highway Hornsby
New South Wales 2077
Telephone: (02) 9476 6699

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  • mademoiselle délicieuse

    Heheh, it's food so you can definitely blog about it! Does matter if it's restaurant food, cafe food, street food or snack food =D

    December 8, 2009 at 10:28 AM Reply
  • Simon Food Favourites

    doesn't sound too good if the food is 'bearable'. if you don't want your crispy chicken to go soggy i'd order it to come on the side. that would be my preference to keep it as crispy as long as possible 🙂

    February 21, 2010 at 12:23 PM Reply
  • eddie

    Hi there, there are something wrong, it look like to be the porkchop noodle soup and tomyum prawn noodle soup no fried chicken and laska. 😀

    April 22, 2012 at 2:53 PM Reply
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