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December 9, 2009

Iron Chef

The first time I heard of the Iron Chef Restaurant, I was like WOW the iron chef people actually opened a restaurant in Sydney? But then I later realised that it just had the same name as the show, it had nothing to do with it =[

Although we usually try a lot of chinese restaurants, we’ve actually never been here before because it’s in Cabramatta, which is so far away from us! But, through word of mouth, it eventually got to my parents that the yum cha there was pretty good and so we decided to try it.

When we actually got to Cabramatta, it took us a while to actually find the restaurant because we’d parked over the other side, and walked around for ages (but obviously, we couldn’t find it) My mum ended up calling her friends who gave really vague directions so we guessed it was on the other side of the station. We crossed the bridge and taa-daa! There it was! Dumplings

Since it was a Friday afternoon, and because the restaurant is quite big, we were seated straight away. The food however, did take a while to come around to us.

We ordered these dumplings because they looked…..interesting. They are kinda like sui mai except that the skin covers the whole thing and the filling is a bit different, although it didn’t taste all that different to sui mai.

The problem with yum cha, is that I can identify most of the dishes in Cantonese, but have no idea what they are in english. I know that this was some part of a cows innards- which is always exciting to do. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly……Drenched in sauce, they are very flavoursome and taste great. The presentation however, is lacking.
Steamed Beef balls
The beef balls drizzled are with a dash of worchestershire sauce and are big and juicy. I like the beancurd on the bottom of the beef balls, which are soaked with the sauce.

These were supposed to be hot, steamed custard buns. In theory, the custard is supposed to be so runny that when you bite into them, the custard is supposed to ooze out. Sort of like the black seasame balls. Of course this didn’t quite happen:

I bit in, and the bun was…well…warm. The custard stayed where it was. Tastewise, it was pretty good but we were very dissappointed in the lack of runiness.

After this, we sat and waited for a long time but no trolley came to us. None of the fried food trolleys had come past and we were quite sick of waiting. Besides, being in Cabramatta, I was much more interested in the other side- that is, all the street food and Vietnamese food. So we got up and left (on half empty stomachs) ready to eat other food!


Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant
84 Broomfield Street
Cabramatta, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9723 6228
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