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August 25, 2009


I love it when the whole house smells like food after i bake something ;P

I’m not a huge fan of bread but when i saw this milk loaf on Happyhomebaker’s blog, I really wanted to make it. So after wanting to bake this loaf of bread for more than half a year now, I finally made it!
I haven’t baked a lot of breads before- just a one failed bread and sometimes the mixes which you put in the bread maker. I’ve FINALLY found out why none of my breads have ever looked or tasted as good as they should be- it was the yeast. So I got a new box of yeast- the ones which come in packets. And this time, the dough rose beautifully! I got very excited because it was the first time I saw bread rise….and then I got even more excited on the second prove because it kept on rising!!!

In the recipe, HHB suggested to let the machine knead the dough for one 20min cycle and then start it again for 10 minutes but i got impatient and took the dough out of the bread machine after 10 minutes to manually knead it for a while before I put it back into the machine to knead. =] Kneading bread is so FUN!!!!I think I underkneaded it so it didn’t turn out quite as soft and fluffy as it could have been. But it was still soft and fluffy anyway and my whole family LOVED it!! And it made the house smell like bread.

Unfortunately, when I took the bread out the next morning, they were soft and fluffy no more. =( BUT then we put them in the toaster and they tasted just as good!!
You’re probably bored of me talking about myself and bread…..So here’s the recipe from HappyHomeBaker’s blog but I thought I might as well copy and paste it here =]


143g fresh milk
35g egg
25g caster sugar
5g salt
250g bread flour
4g Instant yeast
38g butter

1. Place milk, egg, followed by caster sugar, salt, bread flour and yeast into the pan of the bread machine. Set to Dough function. Add in the butter after 8 ~ 10 mins into the kneading cycle. Continue to let the bread machine do the kneading. Stop the machine after the kneading cycle. Re-start the machine and let the dough knead for another 10mins before stopping the machine.
2. Remove dough from the bread pan, let it proof in room temperature in a mixing bowl, covered with cling wrap. Let proof for 60mins.
3. Remove dough and punch out the gas. Divide dough into 3 equal portion. Roll and shape into balls. Let the doughs rest and relax for 15 mins. (this ‘relaxing’ time is needed so that the dough will be easier to roll out and shaped).
4. On a lightly floured surface, flatten one dough and roll out into a longish shape. Roll up the dough swiss-roll style. Do the same for the two remaining doughs.
5. Flatten the rolled-up dough and roll out again into a long rectangular shape. Roll up tightly, and make as many rolls you can, swiss-roll style for the second time. Do the same for the two remaining doughs.
6. Place doughs in lightly greased bread tin/pan. Let the doughs proof for the second time, until it fills up 80% of the tin/pan. Cover with cling wrap.
7. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180 ~ 190 deg C for 30 to 35mins.
8. Unmould the bread immediately when removed from the oven. Let cool completely before slicing.

Thankyou very much to HHB for this very awesome recipe!!!

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